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What is a Cashier's Check?


 · Buying One. In order to get a cashier's check, the buyer withdraws funds from a personal account, or he has cash available. He then pays this money to the institution that creates the certificate, which is often the buyer’s own bank. Cashier’s Check Scams – What to look out for. Cashier’s Checks are becoming popular items to perform fraudulent activity with, because any amount under $5, are automatically deposited into the bank, scam artists will usually use fraudulent cashier’s checks and attempt to trick you into sending money to them before the check actually.

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Data Protection Tips for Mobile Devices. Consciously check and configure app privacy settings. Most apps offer privacy settings for users, enabling you to determine how much and what types of information are shared or stored.

Also, if you know you will be buying something like a TV, you can redeem your goal for a gift card, say at BestBuy, and they give you an additional amount up to 6. My fiance and I have been able to save a lot of money we might have otherwise squandered. Being able to log in and see how much your monthly contributions are and how much interest you have accumulated on each of your goals is very motivating. I also use Shorebank Direct and they have an excellent online savings account.

The current interest rate is 2. HSBC just dropped online savings rate to 1. Rates going down — prices going up. Only people not worrying are the illegal aliens who are getting free food, free medical, free prescriptions, etc.

And paying no taxes. I have an account at 1st Constitution, but am thinking of closing. They do not allow beneficiary.

The only way to add a 2nd linked account is to send them statements from the bank. Too much exposure is not to my liking. Homepage leaves a lot to be desired. Rate has dropped also. DSD is paying 2. I would put the money on a decent CD but I may need it for a downpayment on a house in the near future. I enjoyed the 4. I just like them better — better website, no overdraft fees on their checking, my fiance and I can email each other or anyone else for that matter money.

I just transferred money from E-trade to my dollar direct account. E-trade is giving 1. Still looking for a better rate on savings,. Great information to read! I have been looking to move my money from ING cause of course their 1. Anyone have any thoughts on either of these two banks. That is where I have switched more of my money to. Thanks in advance for any info you can shine on this. In this day and age of too many rip offs, I DO appreciate it. Opened an account with AmericaNet and linked an outside bank.

I instructed AmericaNet to transfer money from my linked account to my AmericaNet account. I was told this could not be done until 30 days had passed. This is the first time a bank told me they could not transfer money for 30 days. Thinking of closing account now. I linked to ShoreBank Direct 2. Going the other way around, request for transfer orininating from the ShoreBank side took 3 — 4 days. If Shore holds the line, I will keep my cash there. So far I am very happy with them, I had a small problem this weekend, called the number and it was resolved instantaneously.

Maybe we can get some input here. I guess I have to ask some dumb questions here because moving money around is not my expertise. It takes a while for us to take notice of the reduction,shop around,find a higher rate and move our money. How does GMAC offer 2. Just looking for the right online savings account. Found your site after screaming in disbelief at INGs crappy rates.

What the heck happened to them!? Thanks for posting this excellent resource! But this AM they dropped it again to 2. I opened an account at ShoreBank Direct, they have been holding strong at 3. Keeping my fingers crossed they maintain the current rate. The process was very smooth and the representative spoon fed me thru it. I can see the names of my beneficiaries on the webpage when I click this account open.

This process of moving money into new accounts just drains me because of putting money into the hands of some new institution and hoping it goes smooth during the time the money is there.

I could not afford mistakes when I was working but at least I was able to make more money if needed with overtime. Opening was easy, got the checks and debit card as promised. Customer service is great. Interest rate is 3xs that of Electric Orange presently. Have to use Bill pay. Not sure of Dollar or Emigrant. Any advice would be appreciated.

Emigrant Direct has a good interface and the ability to add a beneficiary. Does anyone know if GMAC has that option? GMAC seems to have a good rate right now. These ratings are based on publicly available data reflecting things like bank solvency. They are, however, only updated quarterly. Where are the Bankrate ratings and who rates them? Are you talking about the stars? If anyone saw Berny Madoff on 60 minutes last Sunday then you would understand my new found appetite for asking questions.

I read these comments on here which are very informative. Looks tempting to me but now I wonder are they in trouble and offering higher interest to get more business, will the rates drop in a month after they get a wheelbarrel full of our money. I would love to be educated on here because these interest rates being offered are not going to make me a rich man but if I can make my money work for me in a safe institution I would like to know which ones are safe and how do I figure that out?

Probably the easiest thing to do when gauging bank safety is to look at the Bankrate ratings. Is there anyway or anything online for us to use to gauge how a bank is doing before putting any money into it? Maybe someone on here has experienced a bank closing and can comment what they went through. I use GMAC bank and have been very happy with them.

The customer service is easy to contact and very efficient, especially via email. Not bad considering what the norm is for these online banks. I think their rate is currently one of the highest among online savings accounts. I keep watching DollarSavings drop their savings rates every few weeks.

I tried to open an account with Doral Bank Direct. One of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had with any bank and trying to open an account. They have a Customer Service telephone number that no one ever answers. Their mail box is always full.

You ask to be called back; no one bothers to call back including officers of the bank. The people who do answer the telephone know nothing about the procedure to open an account. Waited on the phone over 30 minutes and finally gavu up and disconnected. Simply put, it is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. No professionalism at all. Keep in mind, mortgage rates and savings rates typically go the same direction, so when mortgage rates start going up, so will savings rates.

The best approach is to find a high-yield account that you like and feel confident in, and stick with it. Why might Emigrant rated at 1 star above have a higher interest rate than ING 4 stars? When will rates stop dropping?

It seems as soon as I find a bank with a fairly good rate of interest, a few days later the rate drops. I then have to start a new search for another online bank with a fairly good rate of interest. Wonder when this ever will stop? The interest rate has dropped and it takes too long to access money in the account. BUT, the day of the transfer request does not count, making it in reality, 4 days. Add to that a weekend or holiday which do not count , and it can take quite a long time to access your money if you are accessing it to make a purchase or for a time sensitive transaction.

I have complained to the bank to no response. Hence I use the account less frequently. Has anyone heard of Clear Sky Accounts with 3. I like Ing the best because of their website and just the ease of dealing with them. Saw this posted on another forum. As far as I am concerned, if a bank does not allow a beneficiary to be included, then I will look for another bank. There are plenty of banks who do allow a beneficiary to be added.

If no will has been made prior to death. The advantage of a beneficiary or co-owner is that the account can go directly to the beneficiary or co-owner without having to deal with any estate matter; a death certificate is basically not entirely all the co-owner or beneficiary will have to furnish to the bank.

JohnZ, that is not true. Therefore, if you die, all money goes to the State I believe. If you have an account at ING you should consider this fact. Does anyone know why Dollar Direct is rated one star? I understand it is because it is the same as Emigrant Direct parent company which is also one star.

Should we consider transferring our money out of DD and ED because of the one star rating? My id and pass does not work there.

It has been one year and i still can not get to my money there. So if you use it take care. Does anyone have experience with Everbank? Dollar Savings is by far the best.

Or you can sign up and have your pay check go directly to Dollar. The user interface shows you your daily interest as it is being accrued, monthly and yearly. You can set transfers into your savings account as a 1x event, or you can preset a certain amount to auto-transfer 1x per week or every other week or whatever.

I opened an account with Virtual, but found them very difficult to deal with. I think I will be closing very soon. I like HSBC and will continue to use them. Will have to see if they open accounts.

If not, their loss, not mine! We have been happy with all of them overall But they all have had there special times. We have been online banking since No one can beat it…. Remember, banks take your money and then turn around and loan it out. When banks get in liquidity trouble ie, they have a lot of assets but not much of it is readily available without liquidation , they may start paying higher rates to customers in an attempt to boost cash in their control.

Thus, banks paying high interest rates is frequently a sign of a bank in trouble. Of course, not all online banks are like this, they simply have less overhead, but they still have to make a spread. In summary, be wary of interest rates that seem too good to be true and do your research.

Just something to consider. Time to shop around. I will stick with my ING savings account for now. I also have a Sharebuilder account with them and they let me transfer money instantly and without any fees. The interface is great the Sharebuilder interface could use a touch up. Right now I am sticking with them because they are convenient and easy to use.

I am shopping around for a new high interest savings account so I can at least try to beat inflation! Sorry, for some reason all of my comments does not show. I, too, just noticed the GMAC online bank. How long have you banked with them? Do you transfer btwn GMAC and other online accounts? Had FNBO for a couple of months. Nothing but a hassle. Pulled all my money out. I was very pleased with customer service at Emigrantdirect, so much so that I opened an account with their offshoot Dollarsavingsdirect at 3.

So far, so good. They all have variable rates and ING never lets you know that the rate drops. You just have to find out when the interest payment comes at the end of the month. Keep a vigilant eye folks. I had an account with ING for several months and when I went to access it out of need, I found out they had closed the account. They had mixed me up with someone else. It took me many hours and weeks to get this all cleared up and I had to sell some stock funds at a loss to get the money I needed even though they had my money.

I will never do business with them again. Thanks for the comments. Do you know anything about IndymacBank? They have MoneyMarket account that give 3. A great summary of high yeild accounts. They key thing to remember is not to use these accounts as your investment vechile — I wrote about this recently. Given how easy they are to work with people just end up leaving all their cash in them.

Ing is a great bank. I have used them since and love their customer service. They are great for mortgages and mutual funds also. They also have a five percent rewards savings for a minumum deposit of They put the limits on to get new people to join.

They are a great credit union. Competitive CD rates as well. Anyone have feedback on this? I am looking to start my emergency fund and I was looking at the money market accounts offered by EverBank and Nationwide.

I have CDs and Savings. They project your savings contributions and I have found them to calculate them strangely, ie. They have a decent rate so I am mostly satisfied. She was inquiring about the title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received. It seems as though the information that she has is incorrect. Please email me ASAP. She was inquiring about a title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received.

She gave me a name, year, make, model, and last 8 of the vin. It seems that her information is incorrect. I have called and left several messages and she will not get back to me. Maybe she realized a mistake in paperwork or something but the least she could do would be to call me and let me know that. I will be checking my email to see if I hear back from anyone.

As a Chase Customer for many years, I cannot tell you what a horrible experience it has been for me. A few months ago I was traveling out of town and purchased some clothing from a Walmart other than my home town. I then received a call from Chase Bank and the arrogant young man indicated that there was suspicious activity on my account and that he would be deactivating my card. I informed him that I was traveling away from home without cash and that I certainly did not need him to deactivate my card, in fact I made it clear, in no uncertain terms that I did not want my card deactivated.

Even then the Chase Rep went on to deactivate my card causing tremendous anger and frustration to me. I had to helplessly call back multiple times and by the time I reached another Chase Rep I was furious and she went on to hang up and inform me that I would no longer be allowed to utilize their phone center and would only be allowed to email them my questions. They left me stranded without any access to my own funds and then treated me like crap on top of it! I was persistent in calling until the supervisor who blocked me actually took my call and after much stress and arguing later finally unblocked my debit card.

While my personal bankers have always treated me wonderfully the treatment I received caused me to hate Chase Bank with a passion. I am in the market for a new bank whose agents have a brain in their head and care about how they treat people. I really need an email contact! Since I live in Germany and need to contact Chase by email and phone would be too expensive. I recieved a business card from a Relationship Banker and when I went on line to contact her I got several pages of people with the same name and e-mail address that have no realtion to my Chase Bank in Prescott Valley, AZ.

In light of all the scams I hear about on the news, Chase Bank has me worried. Chase bank is the worse and stupidest bank in the world today and should be shut down for good. I am so pissed off at your company. I have chase debit visa should been re depoist I haver GREAT credit and when I had alot of money in their bank they gave me a card with an limit, like I was a high-school student.

They are the ones thus far make you take a test. I was very disappointed with them, not giving someone a chance to prove myself. I know if I was given the chance to do the job I would have surprise them all. If you read this Chase please delete all my information, I would appreciate very much. It is essential that corporations, banks, airlines, and any other American business, provide jobs to Americans only, and not have call centers overseas. I have been bragging on Chase Bank for years because of great great service, but was SHOCKED today when your customer service called me about one of my accounts and I am talking to a foreign call center.

Shame on you that you are contributing to many Americans being jobless. It was from their bank. Very pleased with Chase credit card services!

Diana Farber,representative, was great at reversing a mistaken transaction for me within 5 minutes! It needs to light up the night as not only the tallest building in Houston, but in Texas. I have never had a Chase credit card! They say I owe them money! They bought out Wamu. I recently gave my debit card to my son to purchase a bus pass, two sodas for he and I, and a small purchase at Walmart.

I forgot I gave it to him and reported that he had used it without my permission. She was eagerly willing to believe that he took it but not that I had forgotten that I gave it to him. Quick question…Does Chase support Operation Chokepoint where banking access is denied to DOJ risk industries such as payday loan, ammunition, firearms, etc.?

If so, I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts. If so I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts. What is the point in sending an email via the secure message center if it will not allow me to send a response? You made a promise to deliver a replacement debit card on Friday. One customer service agent agrued with me about UPS delivering on Saturday and that it is a business day.

Do you conduct business on Saturday? Then it is a business day. My not having a way to access my money for real days because my card was compromised is unacceptable. You are quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It was impossible to email and would send me to a none functioning page? I was trying to log onto my account with my personal info and when I hit enter it would change all my personal log on info?

Your customer service is abolutely horrible, along with your process. I work hours a week. There is a need for me to be able to access funds as with anyone, right outside of banking hours.

Both claim it is the other that handles replacement cards. Makes absolutely no sense. Why waste my time. But instead, screw chase. How about you go train your employees. That would be a good start. Then follow that with some true customer service training, because you surely failed in my books. I have had THE worst experience with your auto finance department!

I have reached out to an auto rep on numerous occasions both personally and through a chase banker with no avail. I am furious and I will continue to be a chase customer, but I would never refer anyone to use your auto finance department. I hope no one else ever endures what I have. Some weeks ago Chase sent me a notice asking if I wished to receive my form on-line or by conventional mail. Because I am a senior citizen who is not very technologically astute, I chose the option of receiving by mail.

It is now about a month since that request, and while I have received the s from all my other pension plans, banks, etc.

Why do you offer to provide such a service and not follow through on it? I have been very satisfied with all other aspects of Chase service but definitely not with this one.

Annoyed and Frustrated Customer. I cannot sign into my account because I am using a new computer for the first time. I also live in China and so none of the numbers provided on the website are working. Someone please help me. I am seriously considering closing all of my Chase accounts 5. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to open an account for my daughter. Never got the car. Filed a dispute with Chase after Honda charged me twice.

Chase has now rebilled as of March As of today, April 11th, , no credit has been issued. Val in disputes says it is an internal mistake that must be resolved while Joaquim the supervisor in disputes offers NO resolution. Will no longer use this card.

I have a account that was close after three unauthorize checks tha were deposit to my account on May 5, I have no news of when I am getting my money back. I just wish someone will call me back!!!!! And I hope I can get my money back. I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card yesterday or the day before and received it yesterday.

I was told it would be operable today, but it was not When I called, I was put in touch with Ria, with whom I had a hard time talking. Her English is not that good and she is very negative about my. I decided, for personal reasons, to get a different one, but Ria told me that the answers to her questions were not correct, though she refused to tell me where the error lay.

She said that my card would be inactive until someone calls me within 24 hours, according to her. Why is this happening? One question she said was a problem was my date of birth. It is my business and nobody has the right to interfere with it. Thank you for you attention, Miki Marcu. Why can you not stay neutral? Thank you for your time. Each time I walk into your branch at N. I have asked him to stop yelling my name out several times. It seems that he is trying to irritate me, and it is working.

I just spoke with a Chse representative in regards to my account and I must say I was completely thrown off by the customer service. Unfortunately, I am going through a financial difficulty right now. I called to speak with someone about what I could possibly do to help turn my account around. Her response was that there was nothing they could do for me. I have been a customer for chase for a long time now and now I know that when I actually need something they will not be the ones to support or help.

I send my money, pay my bills through Chase and utilize many of the Chase features in order to promote them.

It was honestly a shock to hear that from the place I thought so highly of at one point. Recently there was a fraud transaction in my savings account made by someone else who hacked my account. My card was immediately shut off without a call or email. I called immediately after finding out my card was shut off when I went inside the atm. They told me to file a claim, which I proceeded to do. They told me I would get a call the next day which I did not.

I decided to call, where they then questioned me for almost an hour. The next day I went inside the bank to withdrawl money so that I can eat. They would not allow me to touch my own money. The very next day they unlocked my account so I could finally pull out money. The very next day after they locked my acct for the second time, I called and they started to ask me a ton of questions about the fraud after I already denied it and filed claim.

I went inside the bank for the third time this week and I could barely get any help. Chase Bank has had me on a run around all week just so that I could use my own money.

I will never suggest Chase Bank to anyone. This is the second fraud on my acct with them!!! I have had the worst week because of Chase Bank, I would like to report them! I am a nearly new member of your Sapphire Preferred card. You cannot believe how unqualified your personnel is. The first person said I had to go to the fraud dept. In the end I spoke to 6 different people and only the last one knew a little of what was going on but not totally.

Now they are sending me another card with a new number and until then I cannot use the card. Who hires these people?

I plan on leaving Chase and your card. I have had many troubles not being able to log into my Chase account. I have talked to many different Chase employees with no success. I never opted for paperless statements but now I have them. I need someone to contact me ASAP via email. If my payment is late again because of your service I will cancel completely and never return again………. I have had the absolute worst customer service today.

I am simply trying to notify Chase that I will be out of the country for a week. After speaking to 6 people including at the branch, I am pissed off. I have told every rep I do not have an ability to use a phone to make this request. The online version requires the same phone access.

I have been a Chase customer for over 2 years. But, customer NO service will make me move my accounts. I keep getting offers in the mail to refinance my house with Chase. Yet, I continue to get these offers from you. I can only imagine the postage cost for Chase each month as you send out thousands of these. My father is in ill health and put into a nursing home which they have taken control of his finances. I have tried to get chase the power of attorney for over two weeks now and they will not discuss his account with me as he is unable to do so.

I guess that they will not receive any money or that they will have to contact me because I am tired of trying to settle his account but due to paper work which they have to review which takes weeks!! Can you email me direct? Annette olivarez at your San Antonio branch was very helpful and should be commended for her excellent customer service.

She was rude and short with us on the phone. I have had nothing but bad customer service through the auto loan department. Maybe reaching out on here will help me out. If I was rejected, please give me a reason. I have been trying to tell you that I know longer have or use your credit card. I also do not have any or remember any passwords.

Please cancel the card has it has not been use in some time. I have requested necessary documentation about selling my house now for about 2 months. I keep getting requests for information, I keep sending it to Chase, but it seems like one department never talks to the other. Fix It Chase, Your systems are broken!!! What if I was in the hospital and completely unable to get to a bank?! Or what if I was at home bedridden and unable to get out of my house!?

Way to go Chase Bank…. Every time that I go to the Chase branch at Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California, the quality of customer service is disrupted by Jackie Alvarez. One example, is when my ATM card would not work so I entered the branch office for assistance. As the list of names on the clipboard became longer, I went to the cubicle with Jackie telling stories and told the fellow that I needed assistance. Jackie went to the next cubicle and began chatting with the other fellow who had a customer at this desk.

This is not the first disrespectful encounter that I have observed by this employee. Could you please close my account temporarily? I have contacted my creditors and told them not to withdraw anything right now. I am still going for radiation treatments, 5 days a week until October 5th. My daughter, Brigette Joiner, will be coming in to the bank to get my account straightened as soon as she can.

I hope you can credit some of the INSF fees. Then as soon as I can I will get straight with you. I have emailed you several times about this and I never get any replies. Please help me at this critical moment. Thank You, Betty Schultz. My local branch just posted a sign saying drive thru window is for business customers only. I am disabled and have difficulty going in the bank when ATM will not provide service I need.

Not to mention I have 6 figures in my checking and savings accounts. While I am sure you will accommodate my handicapp at the drive thru window, it is unfair to limit personal account holders from using all of you facilities. Jeff Miller Very helpful, explains everything. I am writing to inform you that I am severely dissappointed and unhappy about my customer service experiences with Chase bank.

So unhappy, in fact, that I will be withdrawing all funds from my accounts and close them. I have never ever experienced such poor customer service. Bottom line — If Chase would like to reach out to me to help assist with my problem I would be more than happy to spend countless hours on the phone with you again… If not, no problem.

I am totally disappointed with the Chase new way of banking!! No drive through window service. The line is consistantly long, with only one person working at window inside the bank. Machines annoy me and others that I have talked to,while waiting in long lines to get service. Machines will only allow either deposits or withdrawls. There is much more to banking that that!! Also, they are set up, where anyone in the bank, including all customers can see what is being entered into the machine!

How disturbing, with all the idenity theft, as well as the other theft crimes! I totally understand, and cannot believe Chase would not consider the older generation, or any age that has a busy lifestyle, and their time is limited.

There are several within a couple minutes of the Chase location that I use Most people appreciate and EXPECT personal service when they are entrusting their money to a bank. I think Chase has made a huge mistake by taking away their personal service and using machines to replace that! I need to contact the part of chase that is in charge of credit card billing.

I am being billed for something I did not want on my credit card, unknowingly, and recieved an email saying I was late on my payment. I do not even have the credit card anymore, therefore, I do not know my credit card number. I only used it once for a promotional thing they were doing. Can somebody call me to help me fix this problem. Yesterday I looked at my account. I had money in there. I went and got coffee and I made a purchase at a drug store.

At no point yesterday did I ever get a notice that I was overdrawn. I went to bed and woke up this morning and saw that I had an alert that my account was overdrawn because an autodebit came out of my account. I also had an autodeposit hit my account around midnight so my account actually should have never been overdrawn.

The debit and the deposit should have happened simultaneous. When I called the customer service line, I was told that the check that came out of my account came out around 11 at night. The deposit came in around But if my account was overdrawn at 11, how could I have been given a chance to fix the problem on my own? Yet I got charged a fee for an overdraft I never knew I had.

I called customer service and basically said that I could not get the fee refunded. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they still would not help me. I used to work for a Chase branch and I know for a fact there is always a gray area.

That manager could have refunded me a fee if she wanted to especially since I was never given a chance to make my account positive. I am absolutely not okay with this. It took me 25 minutes to see a teller. I will be moving my money to a credit union!

I was ar the Westfield branch on Thursday november 12 and required assistance printing a lreplacement debit card. They had no representative in to help me at Well it is now Perhaps you should talk to the branch about getting more help. This is totally unacceptable. Vanessa Barber Westfield, NJ. After that arc was xhxpendf I spoke to a very rude person who toldme to.

She spoko to my. She put me in hold a d called my grandmother which she had no right to do I want the card off suspended and sent back out please he! Also my mom n grandmother have the same name I have k only li ed at 2 addresses one in Stanhope n denville. Recently I applied to your administrative assistant position, but have not heard back regarding availability.

Information regardless would be appreciated. Customer service is a nightmare every time I call. I have to call my local bank or drive over there to get good customer service. You might as well get rid of your call center, they are NOT customer service oriented at all. I also want to add that the changes such as getting rid of tellers and replacing them with machines, closing your drive up, etc. I will be closing all my accounts with Chase.

He did not greet me or even ask if I needed any assistance. I waited for approximatley two to three minutes before I walked to the back of the office to ask for help. A gentlemen located in the separate office helped without fail. As I began to exit to the lobby, Elroy, the Branch Manager approached me and finally asked if I needed assistance. I declined because I already frustrated, had searched and received help. I found it intresting how Elroy, all of a sudden was very attentative to my needs when both him and he teller that was currently on the floor ignored me when I first walked into the branch.

I have never in my entire 3 years of banking with Chase,I have neve received such dispraraging service. I will definitely close all of my accounts and move to Bank of America. At least for sure I know my business will be appreciated and I will receive world class customer service.

Hopefully some action will be taken so that you dont continue to lose customers. I keep receiving advertising in the mail every week and I have no way to stop this except from calling Chase. I am sick and sicker of not being able to log into my accounts. You have too many damned websites and I think I tried them all! I am closing my checking account!

All you are given are phone numbers, and you can never reach anyone. I called several of the numbers multiple times, and kept getting a recording that would ask my name 3 times, and then disconnect me. This kept up with every phone number I tried. Finally, I called some other department that was not related to my problem, and reached someone. I cancelled my credit card immediately. I want nothing more to do with Chase Bank ever!!

I will be checking my other credit cards to see if they are Chase, and if so, they are history! This is for the president of chase bank. I have received some bad service. I received my card on the 28th of Nov. However one of the had the wrong last name and the other one was damaged. So I was told two new cards was mail out. I request the card for my daughter be mail to her address the customer service representative said sure after I answered so more security question which I thought was great.

I received mine with the correct name but the other card never came. So I call the customer service representative said wait a couple more days so we waited five more it still never came so I called again and another customer service representative said that she would have to cancel the card and send new ones after more security question which was great. I requested that she send both new cards to my daughter address I was travel down to Tallahassee she did and sent them ups.

I am not really sure why until I called and the customer service representative. Told me someone was using the other card or gotten into my account. I would like my account reopen so I can pay for the purchase that I made and use the use that why I applied for it. And the person who stolen the card should go to jail. So can someone from your office contact me regarding this matter. I have never been so disgusted with a bank before as I do today.

When has it ever taken 12 days to clear a check from Bank of America to chase?? And your customer service inside the bank was so rude and unhelpful that I literally stormed out and as soon as that check clears, I am so done with chase.

You guys were not even attempting to help me figure out why the check is being held so long. All you said was that you needed to contact Bank of America and yet no one was picking up a phone to do so.

Well yes I just deposited a nearly 25, check. But you had no problem cashing the 17, check I deposited back in April. This is money from my grandfathers estate who passed away a year ago. My aunt dispersed the check on the 16th so I could have it for Christmas.

Way to go Chase. I have a Chase Debit Visa from which Inactivity Fees can be charged if not used within days 6 months except they began charging inactivity fees from prior to me even receiving the card!!! I need to know who I can speak to further about this.

My only other nearby bank is B of A, equally dishonest. Customer Service is appalling, due to lack of training. I was on the phone for 45 minutes and transferred to Six different departments over a simple issue of transferring a credit.

The credit from Nordstrom was done around Dec. Chase held onto my credit for a month. If I had not called, I would have never received the credit. Then, the customer service survey only asks information about the last call, which does not reflect the 45 minutes on the phone, etc. I have been a Chase customer for decades, but am considering an alternative provider. Greetings My loan num is I need copy of my scripts,the amount I pay monthly and the paper to fill income tax return.

Hay vicios de construccion desde antes de mudarnos a la casa pero no lo sabiamos. Mandaron a una persona que no sabe nada de techos a revisar situacion del techo nos puede causar la muerte si techo sigue cayendose. I had an account with Chase for over 15 years. But, I still had my credit card with them. With the customer service I received I cancelled my card and will no longer do service with Chase any longer for anything going forward.

The website is terrible — I just want to cancel a credit card application that I submitted today. Please I need help here! People use these for tasks such as paying suppliers located overseas or sending money to family and friends. Such checks are secure like the domestic version, but they can take a long time to reach the recipient and finally clear. In most cases, bank drafts have fees attached during purchase.

The charge can be either a percentage of the total check or a flat fee, but it usually is fairly small. Cashing this type of check is no different than cashing one from a personal or business bank account.

The recipient first has to endorse the document on the back. He can then deposit it into his bank account by going to his bank in person or by visiting an ATM. If the recipient wants the money in cash, he has to bring it to a bank teller. Similar to regular checks, bank drafts expire, typically within 90 to days after they are issued.

The hold gives the bank time to verify that the document is valid. Groups and individuals also turn to bank drafts when they want a transaction to be completed fast. This can matter in areas such as real estate, where the ability to get money quickly can make or break a business deal. Some institutions require a cashier's check as a secure type of payment. Car dealerships might want one for a deposit on a vehicle, for example, or an apartment manager might ask for one when someone is renting a place to live.

Cases of check scams are on the rise, especially due to an increase in Internet use. One example is when an individual sends an email to another about a check he wants the recipient to deposit. The person who sends the email says that, in exchange, all the recipient has to do is transfer funds to the sender from her own account. The document the recipient gets from the scammer can look very real, but it is worthless. Another popular scam is used with online sites. By the time the seller knows that the note is fake, he usually has sent the item to the scammer already.

If they know the issuing bank, they still should verify that the address and other contact information on the check are correct. In general, cashing one of these notes should not require payment from the recipient, except if he takes it to a check cashing service or other institution that explicitly states that it charges a fee.

I made a deal for a trailer and land had to get a cashier's check because it was a lot of money. I made the check out in the seller's name and took to her, but she will not accept the check. She said she had decided not to sell.

Now I have a check made out to her and she won't take it, so what do I do? Can I have the money deposited back into my account even though it has been made out to her? I am the remitter. However, the seller just gets a check written on the lawyer's account in some obscure bank some obscure place.

Therefore, if you are selling your house, do not expect to get any money right away. I gave the teller the money and she then cut a check for me to send to a family member. My wife just passed in early March and I felt more secure having my brother in law send me a little each month to make sure I was budgeting properly. Alice used to do all that. The wrong check was sent to my brother in law and says it is not negotiable, copy, do not cash. Meanwhile I can't find the good part of check.

I think I threw it away by accident. What can I do? Does anyone have an idea? He told me it will take thirty days before I will see the money! What is a visitor to do? I was born and brought up in a prestigious family in this town 75 years ago. But today, things have changed. Who am I to borrow for survival in a strange country now?

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