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Safety is our primary Core Value. Our Occupational Health and Safety Code of Conduct is a public statement demonstrating our commitment to safety. Page | 2 Rev. 10/3/ Changed Circumstances – Redisclose TRID Loan Estimate Changed Circumstance TRID Loan Estimate 5. Revised LE Due to Changed Circumstance.

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Navy If you would like to “cross-rate” or change your job in the U. S. Navy, the rules will vary depending on many factors. Your Command Career Counselor/Navy Career Counselor will be able to.

This is a safe alternative to DEET and can be applied safely on all areas of the body. Anti-Fungal Cream — Due to its antibiotic capabilities, coconut oil can be used topically to treat athletes foot and skin fungus. Apply some to the affected area and either leave it on or wipe off with a paper towel after it has time to set in.

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Try using 2 tablespoons of oil for both heels, and feel free to add other essential oils — like lavender oil — which can help to further reduce dryness and bacteria, plus give your feet a nice, relaxing scent. This method leaves your color intact for longer, prevents dullness and orange or yellow discoloration, and makes your hair soft and shiny.

As a moisturizer, coconut oil can help de-frizz and strengthen hair while helping hair to retain moisture. Depending on the length and texture of your hair, you may need anywhere from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil as a conditioner.

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Try taking one tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning or before bed in order stay regular. The oil penetrates the digestive track and keeps things running smoothly by killing off harmful bacteria and allowing your gut flora to re-balance. Pets with digestive upset can benefit from a teaspoon or two of coconut oil mixed into their food.

Skin allergies, irritations and wounds can be soothed, while is healing accelerated with a topical application. Between the Chief and the Air Operations officer located at LSA they proved to be very capable duo in running Air Operations as several inbound and outbound flights continued, including two emergency diverted aircraft. This was a remarkable undertaking to be appreciated. He profoundly made a difference in junior sailor's lives.

His approachable demeanor and caring attitude made him a highly sought after Chief for wayward sailors no matter their rank or profession. Chief Morelli can confident testify to the rehabilitation of 4 to 5 shipmates. His style of leadership is not easily explained, but it works. In fact by the end of his tour he will have developed 3 separate teams recognized for their performance in two completely two different departments Air Operations and Billeting.

As military operations ramped-up in the region, Chief Morelli was called upon to manage the Billeting department for all of Isa Air Base 15Sep The berthing footprint consists of over beds and living space containers and tents.

As well, he would answer to tasks directly given by the OIC. The Chief welcomed the opportunity but this new role would be not easy for it entailed an overhaul of the existing Billeting practices on a major scale and it included manpower exercises with projected surges in personnel acting as forward operating divisions in a multinational military arena.

The job needed an individual keenly adaptable, quick to learn, and an expert with strong social and negotiating skills to interface and work alongside civilians, all branches of military service at all rank levels. It needed a Chief Morelli. Literally working from the ground up, the Chief gather data of all kinds and linked this information it to the tasks passed down from the outgoing staff.

In a matter of weeks one could see the streamlined changes and progress Chief implemented as the data was put to work achieving the following objectives:. The OIC keeps in sync with Billeting operations and he depends highly on Chief Morelli's skills to carry requested tasks: Completed and in production. Individual accomplishments and team achievements leading to mission accomplishment: Expedited the magneto repair on a badly needed Gator.

This was a proactive approach to prevent tenant relocation, interrupting crew rest and to reduce black mold issues. Request Check-in and Check-out, All Berthing spreadsheets. The shipment consists of two 40ft freight trucks with a total weight of 24, lbs. Chief formed a working party pulling from resources throughout the Supply department divisions.

Motivated by the chief we stopped a large shipment on a years back order from being denied access to ISA Air Base. If this mission related shipment was turned away the additional costs and loss to the Navy would have been immense and the shipments would have had to be rescheduled for delivery taking months to return.

The chief skills, quick thinking and his shipmate's eager to assists averted a diversion. Thru his investigation a major step was missing, to get an expert lab testing of the air and substance. The costs would be on the Sailor to pay them get reimbursed at a later time.

This is unacceptable and could lead to traumatic cost for the member and possible detention. Chief Morelli's professionalism and personal involvement in every facet of daily logistics ensured a lasting impact upon the Command and his customers. His commitment to excellence has made him an invaluable asset to the Command, significantly contributing to not only its operational readiness, but playing an essential role in the base commendations.

Demonstrated superb initiative by initiating "Hanging Hope" and "Denim Day" during Sexual Assault Awareness month raising awareness to Active Duty and beneficiaries and leading to the implantation throughout Navy Medicine.

His outstanding service-style of leadership; varied instructional skills; diverse military experience; extensive scope of education; remarkable breadth of avionic technical knowledge; and passion for teaching, tremendously enhanced the command's ability to complete its mission by providing far superior quality of training than originally projected.

As a well-seasoned veteran, he proved to be an extraordinary example for fleet Sailors, Marine instructors, and peers to follow. As a certified military historian, he significantly imparted to every student, instructor, and civilian alike, an indomitable, but infectious patriotic zeal through his story-telling methods of reliving historic Naval battles in combination with his legendary enthusiasm for Navy Ethos along with its direct connection to the Navy's Core Values.

Petty Officer Priggemeier serves his country, command, and community with patriotic pride unmatched by any of his predecessors. His accomplishments include the following: He personally created and reviewed nine E-5 evaluations and two E-5 close-out evaluations for his chain of command to review and sign.

His unique use of silence during lessons kept students' attention very well. He was in this manner considerably instrumental in ensuring Fleet Feedback was submitted in a timely manner via the Training Situation Document and Instructional Performance Requirements Document. He also helped create two testing boxes to be used for lab demonstrations for Pin-Point students.

Key-note speaker and active member of the Command Training Team, who delivered hours of Command Training Team instruction to command personnel over a three year period. He encouraged all Sailors, Marines, and Civilians to further their education like he did, resulting in two Sailors and one civilian completing their associate's and bachelor's degrees.

He also scheduled and attended two career development boards for two sailors. He likewise ensured that eight command gains for MTU were sponsored by his best instructors from the ATE Division to contact, inform, and welcome any newcomers to the command in as smooth and crisis-free manner as possible. In addition to such service, he coordinated volunteer hours of Sailors and Marines in support of the world's largest and most famous Navy and Marine Corps Air Show in the continental United States.

After graduating from The-Foundry's Leadership Academy 06 APR through 12 APR , he spent ten hours in preparation and three hours teaching the principles behind his newly- learned leadership skills to all ATE Division E-6s, so they could benefit as well which resulted in an substantially noticeable increase in the command climate throughout the ATE school house.

He is regarded highly by his subordinates, peers and his entire chain of command. He possesses the dedication and drive to excel in every endeavor. He is an outstanding mentor and an amazing leader who cares about his people's accomplishments and ensures that his coworkers, colleagues, and associates get all the recognition for a job well done.

His enthusiastic personality, integrity and leadership qualities have been instrumental to this Command's overall achievements. Petty Officer Priggemeier's superior leadership, extraordinary dedication and exemplary performance are most deserving of the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

He facilitated study sessions, administered written exams and participated in preboards and final boards resulting in 27 of 30 program participants completing their qualifications.

He facilitated study sessions, administered written examinations, and participated in preboards as well as final boards resulting in 27 of the 30 program participants completing their qualifications; the remaining 3 were ineligible due to billet changes and restrictions.

LSC has set an outstanding example of leadership through training and qualification in his warfare community and has my highest recommendation for this award. HM2 Williams performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highest professional manner, successfully managing over 4, medical lines items worth over 1. As Assistant DMLSS coordinator, HM2 Williams has supervised, trained and instructed 14 department supply liason in the process of ordering, executing and reciveing medical supplies from Defense Medical Logisitics Standard Support Program totalling over , worth of medical items from each department.

HM2 Williams with his selfliness to adapt and overcome in a field that is not his own rating, has taking on the role of a Logistic Specialist to the best of his ability. LT Taylor's outstanding leadership, motivation and initiative contributed to increased overall mission readiness and the command's success throughout pre-deployment workups and BATARG Deployment His significant and specific accomplishments include:.

He successfully planned, organized and oversaw six pre-deployment briefs directly impacting more than Sailors and family members and resulting in increased command readiness and family preparedness.

Trusted Counselor - His compassionate demeanor and sound discernment enable him to provide spiritual and emotional care for more than Sailors and embarked Marines. He directly counseled Sailors and family members effectively mitigating operational stress, supporting major life transitions, and strengthening marriages making a positive and direct impact upon families, careers and mission readiness. Further, his expert care and concern for the emotional well-being of the ship's crew has proved to be an incredible asset in the timely receipt and delivery of AMCROSS messages aboard ship.

His tireless and unwavering efforts continually serve as a force multiplier aboard Gunston Hall. Community Ambassador - His keen leadership and astute vision resulted in a Community Relation project in Lisbon, Portugal involving 19 Sailors and Marines, which directly impacted more than host nation citizens.

His unwavering efforts resulted in the cultural enrichment of service members and positive interaction between USS Gunston Hall and host nations. In addition, LT Taylor developed an ongoing mentoring partnership with a local Norfolk elementary school involving 39 Sailors and impacting more than children on a monthly basis. Experienced Professional - His flawless strategic planning resulted in the requisition, preparation and execution of nine burials at sea at specified locations in the Red Sea according to the wishes of veterans.

His time-sensitive shipment of packages home resulted in pride and appreciation from family and next of kin and ensured the utmost honor bestowed upon deceased veterans. His tireless efforts to train and deliver world-class, preemptive and preventive care to at risk Sailors as well as vital after care during crisis situations serve to strengthen the resiliency of the command and greatly enhanced the ship's mission readiness. His noteworthy accomplishments have resulted in positive impacts in both the lives and careers of individual Sailors and throughout the command.

His wise judgment, sound character and commitment to exceeding the traditional call of duty make him unquestionably deserving of the recognition accorded by the awarding of the Navy Commendation Medal. Under her leadership 50 crew personnel completed small arms courses of fire and 28 crew members qualified the crew served weapons course of fire within a 4 day period with zero incidents; an evolution that normally requires 9 days to complete.

This evolution contributed to the certification of 4 members with a course of instruction to include: These actions allowed the ship to support a four section duty rotation which greatly increased crew morale.

Additionally, she volunteered 6 hours to upkeep the San Diego Crime Garden, 20 hours at a local Senior's home, 5 hours to clean up Ruffin Canyon and ran a 5k for the Cure for Children's cancer. This includes identifying shortcomings of the system, prioritizing system maintenance needs, and working with contracting personnel to ensure that NMCMPS is providing its key customers with the most efficient and effective experience possible within the constraints of the program. He also provided oversight to contract personnel on a wide range of technical issues to include maintenance, troubleshooting, reporting, and data interfaces with external systems.

Directed the development of functional test plans required for COOP system testing. Provided leadership in the high-to-low transfer process improvement initiative, overseeing the implementation of the solution that corrects a long term system issue.

In summary, LT Watts is an outstanding Naval officer and he has my highest recommendation for promotion. Petty Officer Young performed his demanding duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. Petty Officer Young has participated in numerous off duty hours of command sponsored activities, including volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program, Samaritan House of Norfolk, and the Suburban Elementary School Science Fair.

Petty Officer Young has also demonstrated keen insight on dynamic weather impacting the fleet. His detailed weather analyses, forecasts and avoidance recommendations to staff leaders for Commander, Second Fleet Forces Command and Commander, U. Petty Officer Avila's determination and guidance have reinstituted and revitalized not only his primary command but the fleet as well.

LS1 continues to instill professional and personal growth in his sailors. SB1 Pons effectively mentored and led an eight-man detachment through a vigorous ULT training workup. This preparation significantly increased personnel qualifications and overall detachment readiness. Managed all training schedules, qualifications and schools to achieve full mission readiness in preparation for multiple deployments to PACOM.

Motivational and inspiring leader who has the absolute trust and confidence of superiors, peers and subordinates. Conducted professional development training for eight junior personnel pursuing qualifications as Chief Engineer, Coxswain and Expeditionary Warfare specialist. SB1 puts in extra hours in regards to planning, organizing and execution of all tasks in front of him. SB1 prepared the detachment's training for mission readiness, resulting in repeated mission successes.

He is constantly the lead force in accomplishing boat training during all drill weekends. Retrieval - Archive Display application log Time Event Confirmat List of requests Fast entry of time tk Postprocessing error records Conversion of Planned Orders Plan Line Items Activity Price Repor Master Data Rep Read Original Data Delete Standard File Edit Standard File Create Example File File for Characteristic Display Order BOM Distribtution order pack Posting - DM Posting - CM Types for IU Elimination Types for Cons of Investmt Types for Realtime Update Document types for EIPI Reconcile Totals Records Additional Financial Dat Populate Euro Units Assign Document Type Scope of Rptd Data Cons Units - PrCtr Cons Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons Maintain Char Values Display Char Values View Maintenance master data Migration from FI-LC General Configuration Men Import Data Entry Layout Transport Data Entry Layout Fair Value Adjs Value Number Ranges - FS Items Number Ranges - Cons Units Number Ranges - Activity No's Number Range - Documents Number Range Maintenance Log Tasks for Manual Posting; DM Tasks for Manual Posting; CM Tasks for Reclassifications; D Tasks for Reclassifications; C Item for distribution costs Product Group Posting Items Items for translation diff.

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The ability to reclassify is most common when and where there is a shortage in a particular MOS. During the command's CNAF Aviation Maintenance Inspection, his attention to detail led to the flawless execution of 6 "on track" programs including 4 programs with zero discrepancies.

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Local Currency Translation However, certain documents are still required to be filed with the Clerk in paper form.

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