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On LaRocco’s reemergence as a potential race winner….

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I got the third degree about whether or not the new company had really researched all of the driving records and was giving me the best price and then gave me the WRONG fax number to send the cancellation letter to.

I finally got a fax through to a number nowhere near to resembling the first number I was given. Can you post that fax number? So many people are getting the same run around and need the fax number to cancel the policy. I have a POA so it should have been no issue but it has been. I have found Geico to be an excellent auto insurance company. Never a problem with a claim or roadside assistance. Very easy to get through to customer service personnel who are always knowlegeable and courteous.

I called as an agency representative to get a FAX number to give them documentation on their policy holder and instead they connected me to the policy holder who was 3 times as confused as to why it seemed like I had called them. I called again to get the fax number and she then would not give me it without giving them personal details. At that point I hung up the phone. My car was totaled by a Geico customer. In the past 2 months I have been trying to get the claim settled.

Finally given a fax number to send documentation, but the fax number does not work. Maybe I will just get a lawyer and let him handle this! After an attempt to pay double payments, they continued to refuse to renew. No longer a Geico customer, and know I have a real reason to hate that green spokesman.

They only give runarounds, lies, false information. They also have lied about a rental veh. It seems this is an insurance fraud racket. People pay for coverage. But GEICO refuses legitimste claims by a complex system of continueously unanswered phones, runarounds, redirects, lies, stalls, excuses.

They are owned by Warren Buffet. Maybe his billions come from our stolen money. I am wondering if Geico even promotes safe driving.

Was on Hwy 70 in Missouri just outside of Warrenton when a car covered with Geico advertising blew by me. I sped up to see how fast it was going, I followed it for a short distance at 85 mph!

The car got off at the Warrenton, MO exit. Kind of sounds like the attitude of some of the employees mentioned above. As a medical biller I see a lot of problems across the board with this el stinko company. I have seen this over and over as I work other offices doing their insurance billing. Do not go with Geico, they rip off their own customers, this is how they can offer you cheap insurance….. He called to cancel his policy and the agent told him he had to go online under his account and in the Resource Center to select Contact Us.

She told him that there would be a little blue box for him to cancel his policy. He told her there was no such box and there is not! She even offered to match what his rate is under my policy, but our problem is that they raise his rate every 3 months without letting him know!! This company is the worst. I used to have this insurance myself then after seeing how they mistreat claimants, I dropped them after 15 years as a policy holder.

Donelle, it looks like they charged you a deposit for your insurance. This is pretty common practice as insurance companies bill in advance of the coverage they provide. So they want to make sure they get your money if you stop paying and then they will provide you with 30 days to pay in the mean time they used your deposit to pay for your coverage. They should have explained this to you though! Double paid themselves from my account. Calling it a little Glitch!

Called bank to stop and was told to call Geico. Got hung up in Geico voice response mess. Lousy company with no customer service skills at all. Now I am paying more for the car insurance, than for the car monthly payments.

This car is Model Kia Forte. It is a lease car taken on Right now the odometer is Used only by me, for my personal needs. Will appreciate the check up this rise. Thank you, Ramonita Hernandez. I did not get a return mailing address envelope from you to return my coverage information form. Is it possible to fax these papers back to you?

If so, could you please send me your fax number. If not, please send me the proper mailing address. I live in New Mexico if that is important. Thank you very much, Deann Vaughn. I find ur commericial with that irritating kid supposedly peter pan an insult to the elderly, shame on u. I would never use ur insurance company if thats what u represent. I called to get a fax number so i could fax over a defensive driving course paper and they would not give it to me??

What is up with that!!!!! Insured my salvaged title truck then week and a half later told my policy was being stripped to basic liability only because they dont full coverage salvage titles. Please, I hope to speak with someone regarding this issue and that you understand my dilemma. Please reconsider the increase on my rates. I spoke with Jennifer in billing.

She was very friendly and pleasant. She met all my needs. Also I spoke with Sherrie in claims and she was very pleasant and friendly too. She was very helpful. I asked for priority mail or email neither could be done and I was told again its in the mail.

It will be 3 months since they sent the original offer in aug and certainly no money in sight. For the past two years I have tried to remove my son from my policy to no avail. Two days ago I called with a cracked windshield. You suggested Safelight I said ok. The next day the serviceman showed up and had the wrong windshield. When I called the computer did tell me my appointment was for the 27th, nobody told me. This info should be in my file.

I did ask the3 agent what brain dead moron hired him to talk to customers and make a bad situation worse. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he refused, I then said lets see how stupid you really are, may i have your name..

I will do the same. Thank you to Yvonne who helped me to find the amount due of our next monthly car insurance payment! She offered a quote for home insurance and not able to make a change at this moment but will definitely call her back when we are ready to investigate that option. We have not had any problems since we have had no auto accidents but very happy with your service. Disgusting self -centered corporate trashing of America. I cant seem to attach a copy of Daltons new insurance cards from his insurance so I can take him off my policy.

How do I do it? How do I email them too you? Paul DeLaurier was working for Damon as his mechanic. When the LaRocco deal came together it was just kind of a natural pull-over to have him work with Mike. He became an employee. Darren is still there.

So it was a tight little effort. Chuck Miller was overseeing motorcycle sports at Honda at that point in time. There was some friction around the Honda effort at FMF at that point.

Chuck and I were friends. We were very comfortable working with one another. I said, in a roundabout way, maybe, but not in that format. So we scaled it back.

We did Steve Boniface and Brandon Jesseman that first year on s. It was a good thing. That first year gave us some time to work on that motorcycle. We made some strides. It was a blessing and a curse. Travis came to the team for a really relatively small salary. The team became a Lites-class threat later, but we had several years that we banged around looking desperately for results.

Ryan was a kid that I knew from the Northeast. There were a lot of people involved in those decisions at that point that we were going to give him an opportunity. He showed huge potential. Ryan was supposed to ride all year. He ended up riding a in East, and then he switched to the F for the nationals.

I believe, in was almost every single round, he came out of practice second to Bubba [James Stewart] on the That was a crazy day. Nobody expected him to come out and holeshot and lead that first moto at Hangtown like he did. It kind of showed us the potential that some of these kids have, and was probably a precursor into what we did later on. That was Chuck Miller.

Kevin, most people will remember a little bit of the trouble he had at the end of his Suzuki days, and then he went away for a while. He just sent it to him. No strings, no anything.

He felt it suited his skill set. Very few people saw this. We went to some combined tests and I could see what was coming, and so could other people. Ricky would go out and throw down a time. Kevin would make a change on his bike.

He was just able to ratchet [up the speed]. You could see something special was about to happen. Ricky was a good guy. We never worked together, but he was always friendly. I remember Unadilla that year. Ricky on the two-stroke, Kevin on the They went at it both motos. Kevin ended up beating him, but it was a dogfight the whole way. That was one of those amazing days.

It was a very, very unique sponsorship not just because of the category, but the funding was unique. They guaranteed our race budget.

We want you to raise more money to lower our exposure. I remember having lunch with Trey before the series started.

He was so pumped because he just got through the whoops for the first time the day before. The next day he breaks his collarbone. So, we actually came into that thing without a lot of preparation. Trey Canard was a racer. He came out strong, determined, made an impact right away. I remember sitting in the high seats at Daytona that year. It was the mud race.

I went up really high just so I could see the whole track. Roger [DeCoster] went up there as well. Sat down beside me. Trey is leading [Ryan] Villopoto around. I probably have the most respect for that because that was a brand-new motorcycle for us, the CRF We got it really late. Our supercross results showed how late. I know what we came into that series with for a motorcycle. So I give so much credit to Trey. Now that his career is done and he looks back….

Super proud of him. They were my kids. He was like my adopted son. We still text each other all the time. So that plan [of signing amateurs early and taking them to the pros] looking back, everybody says that was cool. So we put these four, crazy talented amateurs under one roof in the truck. It was a food plan.

They were out there chipping away at that Pro Circuit dominance in the class. But what we never foresaw is taking the most bitter rivals in amateur racing for years and years, families, mothers, dads, included—it put them under one roof, too. Everybody was good people; it was just a super competitive environment. We worked through it. By the end, some of the guys that were super bitter became very good friends. I could probably pull up a picture in my phone.

It was a really random thing. We happened to park next to the Bogles. So I got to be really good friends with his dad.

He was on Kawi, fluorescent orange helmet back then. Dad was a super guy. Became really good friends with the dad. And then there got to be a point in time where Justin was looking at, where am I going?

On how the team began back in 1998 with Mike LaRocco…

I always feel bad for Blake that those unfortunate things came around at that time.

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As a medical biller I see a lot of problems across the board with this el stinko company. People either loved Damon or hated Damon, but either way, it made our phone ring.

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