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Types Of Preferred Stocks [and Their Journal Entries]

Exploring Preferred Shares.

Preferred stock is a type of stock that usually pays a fixed dividend prior to any distributions to the holders of the common stock of the business. The preferred stockholder could sell the preferred stock at the market price of $ per share, or, could have the corporation issue three shares of common stock in exchange for each share of preferred stock.

Introduction to accounting for preferred stock

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At recall, the difference is not treated as a gain or loss and two situations arise:. If instead the stock is called at a price that is less than the issue price, paid-in capital would be credited for the difference.

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Preferred stock allows the holder to have rights not available to the common stockholders. Convertible Preferred Shares When investors own convertible preferred shares, they may convert the shares into common stock any time after the conversion date stated on the preferred share purchase agreement.

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