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Sziget Festival

6-Day The Serengeti Trail & Tarangire.

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When does Sziget take place? The Sziget Festival takes place from August 7 to 13, When can I enter the festival site? When does the festival end? The last acts will perform during the night of Tuesday the 13th on Wednesday the 14th.

Everyone is requested to leave the festival terrain on Wednesday morning at 8 AM. What is the minimum approved age of a Sziget visitor? Sziget Festival does not know a minimum approved age, but children below 14 years old cannot enter the festival terrain without the guidance of an adult. Children below 11 years old are allowed to enter the festival for free.

The only way to pay at the Sziget Festival is with your festival bracelet. The electronic currency can be picked up at the many charging points. You can also top-up your credit through the official Sziget Festival app. What is the exact location of the Sziget Festival? How can I pay? You can choose one of the following transaction methods by our professional ticket partner Paylogic:. Is this going to a problem for my friends? On the tickets you can find the name of the person who purchased the tickets, not to whom the ticket belongs.

Subsequently they can check the system to check the name of the ticket holder. What do I have to do now? Paylogic will look up your order, block the old tickets and send you new ones. Can I refund my ticket? Travel is not permitted to accept or change returned tickets, but it is possible to sell your ticket to someone else. Would you like to have more information on reselling your ticket, or planning to do so?

Can I sell my ticket? Yes, is it possible to sell your festival ticket. In case you have found a buyer, please let our ticket partner Paylogic know, otherwise your buyer might not get in. What do I have to do with the e-ticket at the entrance? At the entrance of the festival site, the e-ticket will be exchanged for a wristband. This wristband counts as your admission ticket and will be checked at the entrance and the festival site itself.

What is the currency in Hungary? To which time zone does Hungary belong? What are the phone numbers of emergency services in Hungary? Do I have to bring a passport or identity card? In Hungary it is sufficient if you have an identity card with you.

What kind of plugs do they use in Hungary? Skip to main content. Annual Hindu Festivals Hindu festivals are accompanied by kirtan, Satsang, meditation, theatre and other devotional activities that cultivate the bhakti, or love, that one has within oneself. A day devoted to honouring the Guru.

The birthday of Lord Rama, the greatest model of righteousness. A yagna dedicated to Bhudevi, Maha Lakshmi. The beloved festival of lights. An all-night celebration that praises the glory of Lord Krishna. During migration season herbivore populations explode as wildebeest and zebra arrive in their hundreds of thousands.

The cacophony that accompanies the plodding herds, drawn forward by the promise of life-giving rain and fresh grazing, is Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

Come in Jan-Feb to see them massed on the short Serengeti is Tanzania's most visited park, and with good reason. Almost from the moment you enter the gates, wildlife surrounds you in astounding numbers and variety, together with an incomparable sense of space. The headline event is the Saw good numbers of lion, cheetah and leopard. I really loved the river crossings we were fortunate to witness in the Kogatende area, even enjoyed the non crossings, just a cool wildlife behavior to take in.

This is THE park, the place to go to see the real life scenes that you've always imagined. Lions, elephants, cape buffalo, giraffes, zebras, antelope, all just yards away. You fill your days searching for leopards in trees, cheetahs in the We did not see all the big-5 but are happy with what we saw.

Very scenic and the whole place with its unpaved roads has been kept as pristine as possible. Tanzania has done a superb job in maintaining these national treasures. Your Safari Where To. My date is somewhat flexible.

Somewhat flexible My date is somewhat flexible. Private or Group Tour Private tour Group tour Filters Where To Tour Length. Finding Serengeti trips, packages and vacations Private tour Mid-range Lodge You Visit: Private tour Luxury Lodge You Visit: Private tour Budget You Visit:

9-Day Tanzania Exclusive Special

Wenn die Reserve in Anspruch genommen wird, kommen noch die erstattungsfähigen variablen Kosten hinzu. North are Sidi Salam and Corniche.

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Take a refreshing dive into the swimming pool or enjoy a snack at the VIP snack bar.

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