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As Dez Mais (Portuguese for The Top Ten) is the tenth studio album by Brazilian rock band Titãs, and their first cover album. It was released in , selling more than , Alternative rock. 03/01/ · Músicas: 1. Gostava Tanto de Você / 2. Sete Cidades / 3. Circo de Feras / 4. Rotina / 5. Querem Acabar Comigo / 6. Fuga Nº 11 / 7. Pelados Em Santos / 8.

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26/09/ · i thought it was awkward that there were open notes in all charts but the 5 fret guitar on the last one so i made an open note version and a non open note version for each instrument there is a.

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He also said the group "annihilated" all ten tracks, turning "Rotina" in a "boring ska" and depriving "Pelados em Santos" of its debauchery.

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