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Schätzungen der künftigen Cashflows und des Abzinsungssatzes spiegeln stetige Annahmen über die der allgemeinen Inflation entsprechenden Preissteigerungen wider. One actuarial assumption that has a material effect is the discount rate. Der Diskontsatz entspricht dem von den europäischen Finanzinstitutionen vorgegebenen Satz. The (opportunity) costs of capital are reflected in the discount rate. Die Kapitalkosten (Opportunitätskosten) ergeben sich aus dem Diskontsatz.

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In the event of the lease of a factory belonging to a sugar-producing undertaking, the Member State may reduce the quotas of the. Wertminderung von Vermögenswerten' anzuwenden ab 1. Wo diskontierte Cashflows zur Berechnung des 'beizulegenden Zeitwerts abzüglich. Offenlegungen bei der Verwendung diskontierter Cashflows zur Nutzwertberechnung. Impairment of Assets' effective 1 January When discounted cash flows are used to estimate 'fair value less cost to sell' additional.

Sorge, in dem alle Regionen rechtlich und faktisch befugt sind, die Steuer zu erhöhen oder zu senken, und beinhaltet an sich keine staatlichen Beihilfen. The na tional legislation on the IRAP establishes that all. Sowohl die Deutsche Bundesbank, als auch die Europäische Zentralbank haben nur ein Hauptsteuerungssystem neben der Steuerung des Geldvolumens, näm li c h den Diskontsatz , d er hauptsächlich die Inflationsrate kontrollieren soll.

Both the Federal Central Bank and the European Central Bank have one main steering system besides the steering of the monetary volume, cal led the rate of discount which should help to control the rate of inflation. In addition, the insurer shall award compensation for methods of treatment and medicines, which have proven to be promising in practice or which are applied because no traditional methods or medicines are available; however, the insurer is entitled to reduce his compensation t o the a mount which would have been incurred if already available traditional medicines had been applied instead.

Wird die Nacherfüllung durch uns nicht innerhalb eines angemessenen. If the subsequent satisfaction is not successfully carried out by us within a reasonable period of. Therefore, by performing a Monte Carlo simulation on the cash flows alone versus. Bei Überschreitung des Zahlungsziels sind wir ohne Mahnung berechtigt, vom Fälligkeitstag an Zinsen in Höhe der von uns selbst zu zahlenden Kreditkosten Bankzinsen und.

If the time allowed for payment is exceeded, we shall be entitled without request for payment to charge, from the due date, interest in the amount of the borrowing costs bank interest and incidentals we have to bear ourselves,. In this connection, we do no t use the conce pt of conflict control because a solution imposed from outside does not stem from the ability of a society to deal with its conflicts in an orderly institutional framework and may inde ed reduce th is ability over the long term.

If the proceedings are settled in such a way before the statement of claim or the notice of appeal has been passed on to the Arbitrators appointed by or fo r the p arties, the Chairman of the Association may reduce the costs by a great er amount; i n this cas e the A rbitrators are not competent for determini ng the co sts.

Im Falle des Zahlungsverzugs kann der Lieferant a die Erfüllung eigener Verpflichtungen bis zur Bewirkung der fälligen Zahlungen aufschieben b die gesamten, noch offenen Zahlungen. In case of a late payment, the supplier is entitled to a suspend the fulfillment of obligations on his side until the payment due has been received b invoice all open amounts for immediate payment c.

If the lack of conformity can not be remedied by us due to physical-technical reasons or if such remedy can not be considered as economically reasonable, Buyer may, whether or no t the p rice has already been paid , reduce the p rice in the same proportion as the value that the equipment actually delivered had at the time of transfer of risk bears to the value that a conforming equipment would have had at that time.

Wird die Nacherfüllung durch uns nicht innerhalb eines angemessenen Zeitraums erfolgreich durchgeführt, so kann der Käufer uns eine angemessene Frist zur Nacherfüllung. In the event that we are unsuccessful in providing subsequent performance within an appropriate period of time, then the purchaser shall be entitled to specify an appropriate period for.

From this finding he concluded that also the pressures in the sheaves. Die ungewünschten Geräuscheigenschaften spielen hierbei eine wichtige Rolle, da sie die. The undesired features play an important role, because they can. Whereas the Fed can still give an impetus to the economy via its discount window - it just launched a new lending facility f or the co nsumer asset backed securities market - Chairman Ben Bernanke has voiced unusually strong support for monetary measures to be backed by fiscal policy.

Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. Wird die Nacherfüllung durch uns nicht innerhalb eines angemessenen Zeitraums erfolgreich durchgeführt, so kann der Käufer uns eine angemessene Frist zur [ You really make out if the rate of inflation is higher than the interest rate on your debt.

Inflation hurts your savings. A dollar saved now is worth less in the future when you need to spend it. If you are someone who lives on a fixed income that is not adjusted for inflation, your dollar is worth less too. If inflation in one country is higher than that of trading partner countries, the goods of that country are more expensive than imported goods.

That can impact domestic producers and in turn, their employees. Inflation is measured by a market basket. The number is called a price index and the cost of the basket is compared over time.

This number is the price index, the cost of the basket today as a percentage of the cost of the same basket in the starting year. There are two price indexes used to measure inflation, consumer price index and producer price index. The Federal Reserve is tasked with controlling inflation. Uncontrolled inflation can cause a recession. The Fed slows growth by tightening the money supply, they allow less credit into the market. This makes it more expensive to borrow money which slows growth and demand and brings prices back down.

Year after year, inflation eats into the power of your dollar. You can buy less with that dollar. The biggest impact of inflation though is on your retirement savings. Deflation is the opposite of inflation, prices of goods are falling. Deflation is usually seen during a recession. There are two main causes of deflation, a fall in demand, people are buying less and because the cost to produce goods decreases due to improvements in technology.

Deflation is good right? Prices are dropping so people will buy more and people buying things is what drives the economy. But continued deflation is not good for the economy. If prices keep getting lower, people keep wanting to spend money, waiting for things to become even cheaper. So people stop spending.

When people are unemployed, they spend even less. The Fed can increase the money supply through the sale of treasury securities. If the supply of money increases, it becomes less expensive.

Every dollar can buy more, driving prices up. The Fed can ask banks to increase the amount of credit available. The interest rate is lowered so people borrow and spend more. The Fed can also lower the reserve rate, the amount of money commercial banks must keep on hand.

The Impact of Inflation

Inflation theory was first developed in by theoretical physicist Alan Guth at Cornell University.

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