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Essenza Di Roma

Essenza Di Wills Inizio Homme Deodorant, 150ml.

Essenza Di Wills by ITC offer international range of fine fragrances and personal care products for both women and men. Visit our website now! Essenza Di Wills high quality products are the epitome of exclusive luxury. Check out our various products under brands like Mikkel, Ignite, Inizio Femme, Inizio.

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Expensive Men Deodorants in India Popularity ; compare prices to make smart decisions and buy online. Essenza Di Wills ; Fiama Di Wills.

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I mean in just 4 months, is gonna be over. I guess is the most fastest year for me which I could remember. Coming to the review, I stopped using soaps long back and I am using only body washes till date. But I was forced to buy a soap because of a coupon. I have seen wills lifestyle stores before but never paid much attention and I did know much about the collections too. The collections over there were not my cup of tea kind of. First of all, the collection itself was very less.

Then everything was priced more then 1. Yes we can pay that much for a good brand but I felt like the oomph factor was missing for the price we pay. Anyhow, I picked a top which you can see in this post and to tally the total coupon money, had to buy something more.

So, I bought two fiama di wills body washes gave it to friend and this soap. The first thing, you notice about the soap is the smell. It really smells amazing even without opening the package. The soap comes in a classy packaging. The soap bar is light pink in color and lathers decently.

But once you are done, the smell vanishes completely. I have this habit of sniffing my hands if I use a good body wash or body lotion. Likewise, I sniffed after using this bar then also I am not able to get the fragrance. The good part is, it does not dry out the skin like other soaps.

You all know that I have a dry body skin but still there is no stretchy feeling after using this.

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The soap bar is light pink in color and lathers decently.

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