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As the name implies, CK2+ exists to give you more—more content, more choices, more fun. The goal is to offer a deeper and more challenging CK2 experience without straying too far from the original game mechanics or adding overly deterministic events. Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game with RPG elements developed by Paradox Development Studio. This Crusader Kings II Wiki is a repository of Crusader Kings II related knowledge, useful for both new and experienced players and for modders.

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Count of Vermandois Description: As a member of the House of Karling, Herbert is a direct descendent in name from Charlemagne. He begins as a simple count, but has some potential inheritances due to his marriage.

As a direct vassal of the King of France, its possible that if you stay on his good side that you'll be given a council position or even granted a Duchy. Holy Roman Empire Character: Werner von Habsburg Holding s: Count of Aargau Description: Werner's point of interest is that he is the only playable member of the house of Habsburg in the earliest start date. He is a direct vassal to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and its entirely possible that by supporting the emperor you'll be able to gain a Duchy title, and from there become elected Emperor yourself at some point.

As the Emperor, you'll be able to expand your personal demesne so that even if your family loses the position of Emperor through the elective system, you'll still remain a powerful Duke or King within the Empire.

Alberto d'Este Holding s: You can betroth your heir to the duchess of Toscana right off of the bat, and then when he comes of age, make him a count of one of your provinces.

He'll finalize the marriage on his own. Making him a count is important, because otherwise the Duchess of Toscana may appoint him as a successor to a bishop once he's in her court - this would remove him from your line of succession. Your heir's children will then rule both Lombardia and the Duchess of Toscana's realm. This is a large amount of territory and allows you to easily pursue the title for King of Italy. Remain in the Holy Roman Empire and try to become the Emperor, or break away when the opportunity prevents itself to be an independent Italy.

Count Ulrich von Weimar I Holding s: Count of Krain and Istria Description: Reload until your character gets the ambition to obtain the Duchy of Carinthia. Spend your time getting allies in preparation for the Duke of Verona attacking you and you can rescind his claims and get Aquilea as your vassal, setting you up with a nice powerbase.

After that, I usually fabricate claims on Venice and assassinate my way into the strongest castle there as the county capital. From that point on, you've got a huge amount of directions you can go in and a lot of freedom. King Boleslaw Piast Holding s: A strong independent Kingdom in Eastern Europe.

You start with a fine demesne with potential for growth, and you have a decent chance to inherit the Duchy of Mazovia since its holder is sickly and has poor fertility. You border Pagan powers which you can holy war against once you build up your strength. Your initial direct vassals are relatively loyal. Kingdom of Leon, provinces of Leon and Salamanca Description: You start with brother Kings on either side of you.

You can either fight with them against the Islamic powers to your south, or fight against them to consolidate your strength in the north first. Intrigue and assassination against your brothers can be a powerful and underhanded method of expansion on this start.

Holy Wars against the Iberian Muslims can become dangerous when all of their nearby brothers of faith come to their aid.

Players can gift artifacts to other characters for an opinion bonus. Some artifacts have restrictions on who can receive them as gifts, often the same as the activation requirements. It is not possible to give away a skull trophy, magnum opus or necronomicon.

Characters on their deathbed should consider gifting non-equipped items to their heir. If a character dies without an heir, causing a non-dynastic? If you're not Zunist , your councillor may hear a rumor of an artifact. You can authorize him to search for the artifact or select another councillor. Rumors come in 3 flavors: They require to have reached 8, 14 or 20 points from events, then the artifact will be found.

You can only hear a rumor if you don't have all of certain same level artifacts. For example, if you have all three of the bones of St Peter, the staff of Moses and David's harp, and if you're Christian, then you can't hear about a major rumor. The councilor will choose a random skill to find a point in order to progress through the events. He will be incited to use the skill relevant to his councilor job 5x as likely but this is not guaranteed.

He will also be incited to use the skills in which he has 10 skill points or more 3x likely. He will report in to you every 80 days until he finds the artifact, dies or lost his track completely. There are several outcomes. It is possible to get 1 progress point through passive gain.

Using the same skill as the councillor job 1. The councilor may ask for help. This is more likely if he has at least 8 skill points x1. Granting help increases progress by a whopping 5 points. Disagreeing will decrease progress by one point.

Once you agree to help, as long as the modifier is on for 5 years , you won't be asked to help for the same skill again. Diplomacy costs general opinion. The modifier is removed if you found the artifact or if the quest is abandoned.

It's possible to have a setback rare, weight 1 among 32 at base. Having a medium or major rumor makes this more likely x1. Not using the councillor's relevant skill also increases this by x1. Having less than 8 skill points increases by x2. Having any "dumb" traits dull , slow , imbecile increases this outcome by x1. Human players AI rulers cannot lose councilors in this manner can also have their councilor killed while searching rare, weight 1 among 32 at base.

Not using the councillor's relevant skill also increase this by x1. Having less than 8 skill points increases it by x1. The councilor may have other outcomes that is not searching with a skill.

This is x2 more likely if he is greedy, deceitful, slothful or your rival. This is an imprisonable offense. The councilor may mess up badly, removing 3 points from the progress bar, this is more likely to happen if Dumb , less likely if Smart.

Fortunately, he cannot mess up again for 10 years. He may also do nothing for 80 days. He may also suggest to upgrade for a better rumor. Beware, if the councilor dies, is imprisoned, leaves of fired from the council, he cannot continue his search, all the progress points will be wiped.

Thus, the best artifact hunter could be a councilor, who has 18 in the skill associated with that council position, without any of the dumb traits. It is suggested alternatively to use a smart character with at least 8 skill points in each area. AI characters will never get this through looting. Can be given to an AI character as a gift and they can pass it on to other AI through inheritance.

Rare events, more frequent if at war and leading troops; choises between obtaining at the cost of 10 gold, or becoming cynical. With The Reaper's Due , it is possible to get a prosthetic hand or arm. These artifacts are non-stacking and cannot be gifted or inherited.

Many types of artifacts require the Monks and Mystics expansion. These artifacts can be created by members of the Hermetic society. While smithing a Tier 3 artifact, the smith may have an event where he asks for gold in order to import special materials to create an improved Tier 4 artifact.

Additionally, the smith is more likely to steal the artifact if he has the ambitious, envious, or deceitful traits. Bows are the preferred weapons of nomads: Some of major Chinese artifacts can only be obtained through events, such as diplomat visit. Dragon amulet can be given by a courtier escaping death from China, if you let him stay.

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