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With our TV Guide, you can keep track of show schedules, movies, and programs all in one Welcome to the World of Entertainment. We at SonyLIV are entertainers at heart and we do This said, ClearOS will run quite happily from the command line for more advanced users. The installation is painless and takes around 10 minutes to complete. Once done, reboot and you'll be given all the info you need to access and administer your new firewall remotely.

Everything is straightforward — it's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into making ClearOS as easy-to-use as possible. Setting up firewall rules is quick and painless, as is much of the other configuration. The most pertinent feature of ClearOS is its usability, but this distro is about a lot more than just sleek looks.

It packs in plenty of features as well — not only does it give you a simple, clean way to manage a firewall, but it enables the addition of extra services to your network. Overall, ClearOS is a powerful distro. As it's available in both free 'Community' and paid 'Professional' versions, it's perfect for both homes and small businesses. This distro, while entirely separate from IPFire, uses a helpful colour-coding scheme similar to the latter, in order to represent different connections.

The most recent version 2. Installation is relatively straightforward, but there are some wildcard questions thrown into the mix. While these may puzzle the novice user, accepting the default options won't cause any issues unless you have a very specific network configuration. IPCop's web interface feels clunky, although our tests proved that this was merely psychological, because it was actually incredibly responsive.

However, other than the 'real-time' graphs that Smoothwall provides, IPCop gives a lot more information about your LAN setup, and about the running of the firewall itself, including a list of the connections that are currently open. The Firewall also provides a 'caching proxy', so that you can cache frequently accessed pages locally. IPCop does a good job as a firewall, giving plenty of information about traffic on your network, and while it might not be the prettiest distro in the world, it does what it's designed to do.

The team claimed their reasons for forking the project were partly due to the type of licence pfSense used at the time, and partly because they believed they could create a more secure firewall. Also note that the fork generated quite a lot of controversy between pfSense diehards and OPNsense supporters on Reddit.

OPNsense offers weekly security updates so can respond quickly to threats. It contains many advanced features you'd usually find only in commercial firewalls such as forward caching proxy and intrusion detection. It also supports using OpenVPN. Aside from being more appealing than pfSense's interface, OPNsense was created partly due to the fact that the team felt the graphical interface shouldn't have root access, as this can cause security issues. This module is interactive and provides visual feedback when analysing your network.

You can also now export your data in CSV format for further analysis. The firewall uses an Inline Intrusion Prevention System. This is a powerful form of Deep Packet Inspection whereby instead of merely blocking an IP address or port, OPNsense can inspect individual data packets or connections and stop them before they reach the sender if necessary.

IPFire is a Linux firewall distro focusing on user-friendliness and easy setup without compromising your security, supporting some useful features such as intrusion detection. IPFire is specifically designed for people who are new to firewalls and networking, and can be set up in minutes. The installation process allows you to configure your network into different security segments, with each segment being colour-coded. The green segment is a safe area representing all normal clients connected to the local wired network.

The red segment represents the internet. No traffic can pass from red to any other segment unless you have specifically configured it that way in the firewall.

The default setup is for a device with two network cards with a red and green segment only. However, during the setup process you can also implement a blue segment for wireless connections and an orange one known as the DMZ for any public servers. Once setup is complete, you can configure additional options and add-ons through an intuitive web interface. Alternatively you can download a flash image to install it to a router or even an image for ARM devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

This is perfect if you wish to show people who connect to your Wi-Fi network a landing or login page before connecting directly to the internet. It also prevents rogue devices connecting automatically.

Updates are released quarterly. This distro runs on a range of hardware but currently only supports x86 architecture. The website has a handy hardware guide to allow you to choose a compatible device. The setup assistant will ask you to assign interfaces during the installation, rather than once you've booted to the web interface.

You can use the auto-detect feature to work out which network card is which. The firewall has a small number of built-in features, such as multi-WAN, Dynamic DNS, hardware failover, and different methods of authentication. This distro has a clean interface and is very smooth to use. Once again, as it's based on BSD, some of the terminology used is confusing, but doesn't take long to get to grips with.

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The most pertinent feature of ClearOS is its usability, but this distro is about a lot more than just sleek looks. The website has a handy hardware guide to allow you to choose a compatible device.

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