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Ellanite and cancer Breast cancer has been observed slightly more often in women using combined pills, but it is not known whether this is caused by the treatment. For example it may be that more tumours are detected in women on combined pills because they are examined by their doctor more often. The occurrence of breast tumours becomes gradually less after stopping the combination hormonal contraceptives.

It is important to regularly check your breasts and you should contact your doctor if you feel any lump. In rare cases, benign liver tumours, and in even fewer cases malignant liver tumours have been reported in pill users. Contact your doctor if you have unusual severe abdominal pain. Bleeding between periods During the first few months that you are taking Ellanite, you may have unexpected bleeding bleeding outside the seven pill-free days.

If this bleeding lasts longer than a few months, or if it begins after some months, contact your doctor as they must find out if anything is wrong. What to do if no bleeding occurs during the seven pill-free days If you have taken all the tablets correctly, have not had vomiting or severe diarrhoea and you have not taken any other medicines, it is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

If the expected bleeding does not happen twice in succession, you may be pregnant. Contact your doctor immediately. Only start the next strip if you are sure that you are not pregnant.

If you have forgotten any of the tablets in a strip, and you do not have bleeding in the first tablet-free period, this may mean that you are pregnant. Contact your doctor before you start the next strip.

These include medicines used for the treatment of: Ellanite with food and drink Ellanite may be taken with or without food, if necessary with a small amount of water.

Laboratory tests If you need a blood test, tell your doctor or the laboratory staff that you are taking the pill, because oral contraceptives can affect the results of some tests. Pregnancy and breast-feeding Pregnancy If you are pregnant, do not take Ellanite. If you become pregnant while taking Ellanite stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor. If you want to become pregnant, you can stop taking Ellanite at any time.

Breast-feeding Use of Ellanite is generally not advisable when a woman is breast-feeding. If you want to take the pill while you are breast-feeding you should contact your doctor. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine. Driving and using machines There is no information suggesting that use of Ellanite affects driving or use of machines. Ellanite contains lactose If you cannot tolerate certain sugars, contact your doctor before you take Ellanite.

You may take the tablets with or without food, but you should take the tablets every day around the same time. The strip contains 21 tablets. Next to each tablet is printed the day of the week that it should be taken. Follow the direction of the arrow on the strip until all 21 tablets have been taken. Then take no tablets for 7 days. In the course of these 7 tablet-free days otherwise called a stop or gap week bleeding should begin.

On the 8th day after the last Ellanite tablet that is, after the 7-day gap week , you should start with the following strip, whether your bleeding has stopped or not. This means that you should start every strip on the same day of the week and that the withdrawal bleed should occur on the same days each month. If you use Ellanite in this manner, you are also protected against pregnancy during the 7 days when you are not taking a tablet.

When can you start with the first strip If you have not used a contraceptive with hormones in the previous month Begin with Ellanite on the first day of the cycle that is, the first day of your menstruation. If you start Ellanite on the first day of your menstruation you are immediately protected against pregnancy.

You may also begin on day of the cycle, but then you must use extra protective measures for example, a condom for the first 7 days. Changing from a combined hormonal contraceptive, or combined contraceptive vaginal ring or patch You can start Ellanite preferably on the day after the last active tablet the last tablet containing the active substances of your previous pill, but at the latest on the day after the tablet-free days of your previous pill finish or after the last inactive tablet of your previous pill.

When changing from a combined contraceptive vaginal ring or patch, follow the advice of your doctor. Changing from a progestogen-only-method progestogen-only pill, injection, implant or a progestogen-releasing intrauterine system IUS You may switch any day from the progestogen-only pill from an implant or the IUD on the day of its removal, from an injectable when the next injection would be due but in all of these cases you must use extra protective measures for example, a condom for the first 7 days of taking Ellanite.

After a miscarriage or abortion If you have had a miscarriage or abortion during the first three months of pregnancy, your doctor may tell you to start taking Ellanite straight away. This means that you will have contraceptive protection with your first pill.

After having a baby You can start taking Ellanite between 21 and 28 days after having a baby. If you start later than day 28, you must use a so-called barrier method for example, a condom during the first seven days of Ellanite use.

If, after having a baby you have had sex before starting Ellanite again , you must first be sure that you are not pregnant or wait until the your next menstrual bleed.

Ask your doctor what to do if you are not sure when to start. If you take more Ellanite than you should There are no reports of serious harmful results of taking too many Ellanite tablets.

If you take several tablets at once then you may have symptoms of nausea or vomiting. Young girls may have bleeding from the vagina. If you have taken too many Ellanite tablets, or you discover that a child has taken some, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Take the tablet as soon as you remember and then take the following tablets again at the usual time. The greater the number of tablets that you have forgotten, the greater is the risk of becoming pregnant. The risk of incomplete protection against pregnancy is greatest if you forget a tablet at the beginning or the end of the strip.

Therefore, you should adhere to the following rules see also the diagram further down: More than one tablet forgotten in this strip Contact your doctor. One tablet forgotten in week 1 Take the forgotten tablet as soon as you remember, even if that means that you have to take two tablets at the same time.

Continue taking the tablets at the usual time and use extra precautions for the next 7 days, for example, a condom. If you have had sex in the week before forgetting the tablet you may be pregnant. In that case, contact your doctor. Email or fill in the form hello tagst. Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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After the usual pill-free period of 7 days start your next strip. If you do have any of the conditions listed below, you must tell your doctor.

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