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This is a list of questions you may have about our service. This list will be expanded as we get more frequently asked questions from our users. Trailing features included. Maximize your profits automatically changing TakeProfit & StopLoss targets. Let`s say your target is +10%, but the coin goes up to +20%?

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Here you can see some questions moderators frequently deal with. Yes, you can do this if you have a paid plan. On the right-hand side panel, there is 'Chats' icon. Please read 10 golden tips on creating awesome and lasting custom chats.

After a chart idea or a Pine script is published you have 15 minutes to edit the description. After 15 minutes you cannot edit ideas and codes.

Or you can delete your publication within 15 minutes and create a new one with different content. We do not remove ideas and scripts after they are published, so please, make sure everything is ok before publication. But you can delete your publication within 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can no longer delete it. If an idea is not private, anyone can find this idea and even copy it. If you want to avoid that, you can publish ideas privately. Please note that if you send a direct link to the private idea, that person can copy the idea.

All ideas are connected to the localized version they were published. It means that if you publish your ideas in the US version, users can see them in your profile only at the US version of the website. If they want to see your ideas published in other versions, they have to switch to them. Moderators always send a private message if they make an idea invisible, in which they specify exactly which rule was violated. Each idea has its embed code, so you can embed the idea into a web page, just like YouTube video.

We also have special widgets for this goal. Do not publish a code if you don't want anyone to see it. Or you can publish Invite-only scripts and only users who you specifically add will be able to use it.

Moderators are active members of the TradingView community who earned trust from other members and TradingView staff. They are volunteers who are driven by enthusiasm, love for the community and their goal is to help other members.

Get in touch with them regarding any questions, they will be happy to answer them! But first of all please read Top 7 user claims that moderators can't help with. Yes, you can try all features and tools available on TradingView. We strongly recommend every user to try our Pro subscriptions for free to evaluate before paying for any service. No, We don't charge for starting trial period. In 1 month after you started the trial period, it will automatically expire and your subscription will be renewed as the paid monthly plan of the same type, like you had during the trial period.

You will be billed on month-by-month basis, you can check prices here. After the trial, you won't be charged for any additional data packages unless you subscribe to them separately. If you want to avoid automatic billing after the trial period, please cancel the subscription on your account billing page before the due date or order another paid plan.

According to our policy , we do not offer refunds for initial orders and recurring monthly payments. PayPal handles the payment processing for us. Payment methods include all major credit cards and PayPal account. A few subscriptions can be paid with bitcoins. We guarantee you safe and secure online ordering. We don't send invoices to pay by wire transfer. We charge in USD only. Some subscriptions include discounts automatically when a longer billing cycle is chosen.

You can save a lot on monthly cost if you pay for 12 or 24 months in advance. This offer allows you to purchase 12 months of a subscription plan that is the same as the one you have during the trial period, with a great discount. The discount may change during your trial period.

The offer is available only when the trial period of a paid plan started. Once you take advantage of the offer, the trial period is over and your account is switched to the paid plan. If you choose any other paid plan or your trial is over, the offer is no longer available for you. All details on every single paid subscription available on TradingView can be found on our GoPro page.

You can switch to a longer billing cycle in the billing section of your profile. If you want to switch to a shorter one, you can cancel the subscription before its next due date and order a new one after it is completely deactivated on that date.

Every subscription is absolutely independent of any other subscription in terms of the billing cycle. You can order a subscription at any moment. The service is billed in advance.

All billing is auto-renewing, which means you will continue to get billed until you cancel your subscription.

There you can choose the preferred plan and payment method. Any remaining days will be automatically converted into extra days on the new plan of equivalent value and added to the subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any moment. If you cancel, you will not be billed anymore and the service will remain active for the time that is paid for. There's no cancellation fee. If you want to stop recurring payments you need to cancel the corresponding subscription on the Billing tab in your profile.

We don't issue refunds for initial payments and for recurring monthly payments. The service will be available until the end of the prepaid period. An email request or support ticket asking for your subscription to be canceled is not considered cancellation. If you cancel the service before the end of your current paid up period, your subscription will be deactivated, but the service will remain available until the next due date. When the next due date comes, you won't be charged and the service will be canceled.

We do not provide refunds for initial payments and for recurring monthly payments. Keep in mind that all plans are auto-renewed. Customers can cancel the trial or a plan at any time. We offer refunds for recurring annual and 2-year payments on demand. If you have been billed for automatic annual and 2-year renewal of the Service, you have 7 calendar days after the payment was made to send a written request. It costs us money and that is why we offer only 1 month for free.

If a subscription is renewed, we don't offer refunds to avoid losses. Thank you for understanding. The function of downgrading subscriptions is not available on TradingView. To see the lists of all available exchanges, subscriptions, their prices and types of market data, please follow this link. The definition between PRO and Free is only in speed of data flow. Yes, you can start an almost free trial period on GoPro page. Please note that when the trial period is over, you may need to order paid subscriptions to get official real-time data.

Because a paid Pro plan doesn't give you access to data. It is a set of tools and features. You had access to additional markets for free because you were on trial period. After the trial period is over, you need to purchase additional market data subscriptions. Before you started the free trial period, this information was brought to your attention. Our widget is a completely separate product.

Market data subscriptions work only on our online charts. All data available on widgets is free and provided as is. Depending on exchanges regulations, some symbols or intraday timeframes may be not available on our widgets.

The rate of data updates on charts is once per 1 second for a free account holder. A pro subscription removes this limitation: The amount of available historical data also differs. We don't have all symbols available on TradingView listed on a page, but we have a powerful symbol search with filters by categories and exchanges. You can start typing an abbreviation or company name in the search box and it will show all symbols matching your request.

A lot of internet resources, like www. The product they are using is described here. If you have a live broker account that works through CQG Continuum web API, you can pass account verification when ordering a subscription on the GoPro page or in the trading panel under TradingView chart. If the account is verified, you will get access to free intraday data from CME group updating in real-time.

Please, note that your broker must be supported by TradingView. It is not possible to upload data from files or connect a new data source to TradingView. Il broker IG offre anche un account demo per tutti i suoi clienti.

Tale account demo ha Ogni trader deve infatti dichiarare i propri guadagni fatti tramite il trading online, in caso agisca in regime dichiarativo. Citando il sito del broker IG: Solo i mercati oggetto di titoli italiani saranno soggetti a questo prelievo quindi unicamente Italy 40, opzioni che hanno come sottostante Italy 40 e CFD su azioni italiane che hanno una capitalizzazione di mercato superiore ai milioni di Euro.

Tutti gli altri mercati e prodotti non sono oggetto di tassazione e non daranno luogo ad alcun prelievo. Quindi forex, azioni estere, indici non italiani e materie prime sono esclusi dalla tassazione. Il risparmio amministrato prevede che su base giornaliera sia calcolato la plusvalenza o la minusvalenza globale ottenuta nella giornata.

Eventuali plusvalenze potranno essere compensate con minusvalenze realizzate sempre in regime amministrato entro il quarto esercizio precedente. Il broker IG quindi non accetta carte American Express oppure pagamenti tramite portafogli elettronici come Paypal e Skrill.

Molto semplice la divisione degli account in standard e premium, a seconda di quanto i trader vogliono investire nel proprio account di trading.

Apri un conto reale oppure un conto demo gratuito su IG. Il trading CFD comporta un sostanziale rischio di perdita. Your capital might be at risk. Ti potrebbero interessare anche: Opinioni e Demo piattaforma… AvaTrade recensioni: Opinioni su conto… Investire in oro fisico: Dove e come… Bitcoin:

The PowerLanguage .NET Editor

It is almost the same as our charting library, but with trading capabilities:

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After the trial, you won't be charged for any additional data packages unless you subscribe to them separately.

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