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Japan: Importe von Gütern und Dienstleistungen, Milliarden USD: Für diesen Indikator, Weltbank bietet Daten für Japan von bis Der durchschnittliche Wert für Japan in diesem Zeitraum lag bei US-Dollar mit einem Minimum von US-Dollar im und einem Maximum von US-Dollar .  · Seit der Einführung von Excel gibt es die Möglichkeit, sich geeignete Diagrammtypen vorschlagen zu lassen. Auch in Sachen Gestaltung bleiben keine Wünsc.

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The current pattern and price action may hold the clues and it may be prime for a market short raid. The initial rally off from caught a lot of shorts by surprise, however, it appears that momentum is stalling, and perhaps starting to show some We have a successful touch of the inverted head and shoulders neckline!

We also bounced off of the. Arguably the last line of defense for the bears. So far, it's holding. We also have hidden bearish divergence in the 4h, and the 6h timeframes that are potentially corroborating a wave 2. Hey followers and other TradingView users! If You read and enjoyed my idea, destroy the like button!

Yesterday we got a very nice candle close on above some important areas: The price manages to fight back above the old counter trendline thin black dotted line , which was previously the key point! I will continue my updates here, since many don't like to scroll through my many updates.

We are still moving inside of it, even though we are seeing an attempt to break up, the volume is very low.

On the right we see a green support zone, if that one breaks, we can drop or RSI 89 bounced off support where we might see a further rise in price. Trading CFDs on margin carries high BTC bulls broker the daily equilibrium bullish, but I must admit the fact that it happened in a 20 minute bull move and has not seen any continuation, is a red flag to me.

Guys, don't listen to the "gurus" who have been saying the "bottom" is in since 6k! The most consdrvative target of our descending triangle is 1k usd and that is where we are headed at a minimum, I think we will probably get "capituation" in that area and how bitcoin responds at that point will tell us if we To all my haters who are as jealous of my hair as they are of my TA See my other publications for more detailed analysis how we got to this place BTC has pattern target to 4.

To my followers who bought with me at 3. The price broke up the triangle. Short on time today let me know any questions in the comments. That is, the diagram initially leaves room for any possible relation of the classes, and the actual or given relation, can then be specified by indicating that some particular region is null or is not-null". Venn diagrams normally comprise overlapping circles.

The interior of the circle symbolically represents the elements of the set, while the exterior represents elements that are not members of the set. For instance, in a two-set Venn diagram, one circle may represent the group of all wooden objects, while another circle may represent the set of all tables.

The overlapping region or intersection would then represent the set of all wooden tables. Shapes other than circles can be employed as shown below by Venn's own higher set diagrams. Venn diagrams do not generally contain information on the relative or absolute sizes cardinality of sets; i. Venn diagrams are similar to Euler diagrams. However, a Venn diagram for n component sets must contain all 2 n hypothetically possible zones that correspond to some combination of inclusion or exclusion in each of the component sets.

Euler diagrams contain only the actually possible zones in a given context. In Venn diagrams, a shaded zone may represent an empty zone, whereas in an Euler diagram the corresponding zone is missing from the diagram. For example, if one set represents dairy products and another cheeses , the Venn diagram contains a zone for cheeses that are not dairy products.

Assuming that in the context cheese means some type of dairy product, the Euler diagram has the cheese zone entirely contained within the dairy-product zone—there is no zone for non-existent non-dairy cheese.

This means that as the number of contours increases, Euler diagrams are typically less visually complex than the equivalent Venn diagram, particularly if the number of non-empty intersections is small. The difference between Euler and Venn diagrams can be seen in the following example. Take the three sets:. Venn diagrams typically represent two or three sets, but there are forms that allow for higher numbers.

Shown below, four intersecting spheres form the highest order Venn diagram that has the symmetry of a simplex and can be visually represented. The 16 intersections correspond to the vertices of a tesseract or the cells of a cell respectively. For higher numbers of sets, some loss of symmetry in the diagrams is unavoidable. Venn was keen to find "symmetrical figures He also gave a construction for Venn diagrams for any number of sets, where each successive curve that delimits a set interleaves with previous curves, starting with the three-circle diagram.

This Euler diagram is not a Venn diagram for four sets as it has only 13 regions excluding the outside ; there is no region where only the yellow and blue, or only the red and green circles meet. Five-set Venn diagram using congruent ellipses in a 5-fold rotationally symmetrical arrangement devised by Branko Grünbaum.

Anthony William Fairbank Edwards constructed a series of Venn diagrams for higher numbers of sets by segmenting the surface of a sphere, which became known as Edwards—Venn diagrams. A fourth set can be added to the representation by taking a curve similar to the seam on a tennis ball, which winds up and down around the equator, and so on. The resulting sets can then be projected back to a plane to give cogwheel diagrams with increasing numbers of teeth, as shown here.

These diagrams were devised while designing a stained-glass window in memory of Venn. Edwards—Venn diagrams are topologically equivalent to diagrams devised by Branko Grünbaum , which were based around intersecting polygons with increasing numbers of sides. They are also two-dimensional representations of hypercubes. Henry John Stephen Smith devised similar n -set diagrams using sine curves [14] with the series of equations. Joaquin and Boyles, on the other hand, proposed supplemental rules for the standard Venn diagram in able to account for certain problem cases.

For instance, regarding the issue of representing singular statements, they suggest to consider the Venn diagram circle as a representation of a set of things, and use first-order logic and set theory to treat categorical statements as statements about sets.

Additionally, they propose to treat singular statements as statements about set membership. Another way of representing sets is with John F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived PDF from the original on Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. A Survey of Symbolic Logic. University of California Press. Archived from the original PDF on Has a detailed history of the evolution of logic diagrams including but not limited to the Venn diagram.

Opuscules et fragmentes inedits de Leibniz in Latin. Notices of the AMS. Archived from the original on Reasoning with Diagrams project, University of Kent. Johns Hopkins University Press , p. Teaching Philosophy , Volume 40 2 , pp. Discrete and combinatorial mathematics. Elements of logic via numbers and sets.

But we are certainly not there yet. The points inside a curve labelled S represent elements of the set S , while points outside the boundary represent elements not in the set S.

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Archived from the original PDF on Mosquitoes have six legs, and fly, so the point for mosquitoes is in the part of the blue circle that does not overlap with the orange one.

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