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If you are looking for a quality HVAC Contractor in Stockton, the right choice is B & B Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.. We take pride in the reputation we've built over the years in Lodi, Manteca, Tracy & Linden and our customers trust our service. Cencal Mechanical Heating & Air, Inc. offers licensed Heating Service, Air Conditioner Repair, and HVAC Service in the Modesto, CA and Turlock, CA areas. Call us today!

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Following is the list of - Public & Private Colleges and Universities in the United States of America (USA) that starts with the letter

We are well equipped and well-staffed to produce either simple or complex systems. Our fabricators have provided services for local and foreign clients on industrial, commercial and residential projects. Our fabricators have provided services for local and foreign clients on industrial, commercial and residential project s. We are well equipped and well- staffed to produce either simple or complex systems. For over 80 years Champion Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Our portfolio highlights some of our projects over the years. Piping, sheet metal, plumbing, HVAC, commercial, residential, industrial and maintenance Champion Industrial has done it all and looks forward to working with you on your next project.

Since Modesto, California. Dameron Hospital Central Utility Plant. Palomar Hotel San Francisco. The Cavalier San Francisco. Specialty Fabrication We have provided our clients with a variety of specialty fabrication projects through the years. Del Rio Country Club Modesto. Sutter Tracy Hospital Tracy. Oak Valley Hospital Oakdale.

Modesto Junior College Auditorium. Beyer High School Modesto. College Business Resource Center. Tenth Street Place Modesto. Civic Memorial Auditorium Stockton.

Champion worked in connection with Harris Construction the general contractor on the project. The facility manufactures and packages whey and cheese products. Woodland 3 Generation Station is a 50MW power plant expansion which was constructed adjacent and tied into two existing turbine plants that are in full operation. Working under a very aggressive project schedule with the general contractor Haskell Corporation, Champion provided fabrication and installation of the following piping systems: Champion also provided fabrication and installation of supplementary steel for piping supports.

The 16, square foot central plant facility included central chillers, boilers, medical gas, vacuum systems, electrical equipment and emergency generators for the entire hospital facility. Plant functions involve central heating, cooling, emergency power, electrical equipment, medical and other gas storage and maintenance functions. Our fabricators have provided services for local and foreign clients.

The ISD Water Treatment Facility is a complex of piping and processes designed to turn wastewater into a product that is safe to return to the environment and safe to reuse for irrigation. The facilities include a solids holding tank, waste activated sludge pump station, solids feed pump station, dewatering belt filter presses and a dual truck bay for temporary storage. The plant is serviced by 21, volts of primary power. The Water Recycling Facility has a design capacity of 4.

Industrial Sheet Metal Fabrication. Chutes, conveyors guards, safety gates, bins, platforms, duct work, spiral duct, stairs sinks, and kitchen hoods, are just a few of the items Champion Industrial has fabricated over the years.

We live in the communities where you do business. What if that same company could be told ONE time what the mission is and then roll it out in each of your markets? How efficient would you be? How much peace of mind would you have if One company knew you better then any other?

If ONE company understood your brand standards, where things go, how they are to look, which materials to use, when to show up, what to do, how to work around your customers and employees, when the project is complete and communicated the results back to you in a punctual and professional manner?

That company is Facility Maintenance USA, and we are ready to work for you right now in all of your markets throughout the Country. Stop reinventing the wheel each time you call a different contractor. Stop worrying about the liability of dealing with companies that don't have proper insurance or workman's comp. You have facilities and they all need one thing That's where we come in. In today's tough economy it's more important then ever that you work to get as much life out of your equipment and facilities as possible.

That includes your Facility Maintenance. You also don't want the burden of your own W-2'd employees draining your overhead as they are on the clock performing your Facility Maintenance. With Facility Maintenance USA you can "turn on the faucet" and "turn off the faucet" when you need a specific response to each of your Facility Maintenance needs. This allows you to just pay for what you need. When you have an employee your challenge is justify his existence. When he finishes one task you need to quickly figure out the next one for him.

If you don't have anything for him to do next, then his overhead continues to run and the costs of the work that he has performed continue to increase. Do you know what the real cost of a W-2'd employee is to perform your Facility Maintenance Needs?

A lot more then you might think. To properly respond to Facility Maintenance work orders your employee must have a vehicle, gasoline, license plates, cell phone, vehicle upkeep and maintenance, employee benefits, vacation pay, taxes, workman's comp insurance, liability insurance, tools, inventory, a support staff, potential theft and more.

Oh yeah, and if the job isn't done right the first time you end up paying the same employee to go back and try to fix it again. Oh yeah and if we don't fix it right the first time, we pay to fix it, not you. We're all human and we all make mistakes Facility Maintenance transcends every industry and each competitor within it.

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We're all human and we all make mistakes

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