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The material on this website is the property of Royal Bank of Canada and may not be reproduced in any way, in whole or in part, without express authorization of the copyright holder in writing. The statements and statistics contained herein have been prepared by RBC Economics Research based on information from sources considered to be reliable. We make no representation or warranty, express or implied, . Apply for a car loan at a dealership or through RBC Royal Bank. We offer flexible financing for all types of vehicles, including RVs and boats.

RBC Economic Research

View Recent Daily Economic Updates. View Recent Latest Reports Updates. View More about Forecasts and Special Reports. Quarterly Economic Update An in-depth analysis of the key drivers of economic activity in Canada and the US including a discussion of global factors that will affect these near term forecasts. View More about Quarterly Economic Update. Provincial Economic Forecasts Current trend tracking and forecasts for each provincial economy. View More about Provincial Economic Forecasts.

Canadian Housing Reports Analysis of national and provincial trends in housing affordability and developments in major metropolitan housing markets. View More about Canadian Housing Reports. Galleries containing indiscriminate images of the article subject are discouraged ; please help improve the section by reducing indiscriminate gallery sections or by moving relevant images beside adjacent text, in accordance with the Manual of Style on use of images.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. RBC tower in Vancouver. Companies portal Banks portal. Annual Report " PDF. Royal Bank of Canada. Retrieved August 5, The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 23 March In Halpenny, Francess G. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. XII — online ed. University of Toronto Press. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 16 March Archived from the original on 16 October Archived from the original on Retrieved 26 July Banks and credit unions in Canada.

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation. Canadian Credit Union Association. RBC Bank 1 Caribbean banking: Tamarack Funds Canadian brokerage: RBC Insurance Capital markets: Automotive industry crisis California budget crisis Housing bubble Housing market correction Subprime mortgage crisis.

Government policy and spending responses. Menu list Articles list Location list Contact list. Select Region Canada US. Select Language English French. Competitive interest rates Whether you finance your vehicle through your branch or at the dealership.

Amortization periods of up to 7 years Let you create an affordable payment amount. Fixed or Variable Rate. Here's a quick overview of the features and benefits of a fixed versus variable rate car loan: With a Fixed Rate Car Loan Your interest rate is locked in for the entire term Your amortization term how long it takes to pay off your loan can go up to 7 years 1 disclaimer You will know exactly how much interest you'll pay over the loan term Your payment amount and term will not be affected by changes in interest rates You can switch to a variable rate at any time if rates fall 3 disclaimer.

With a Variable Rate Car Loan You can choose up to a 7-year amortization term 1 disclaimer You could save money if interest rates are already low or fall further If interest rates rise, your payments will likely stay the same, but your amortization term will increase If interest rates fall, your payments will stay the same and your amortization term will decrease, meaning you could pay off your loan sooner You can switch to a fixed rate at any time if rates go up 3 disclaimer.

Key Features

Here's a quick overview of the features and benefits of a fixed versus variable rate car loan:

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The principal and interest portion of any skipped payment will remain outstanding until the end of the term of your loan at which time the skipped payment must be repaid. Personal lending products are provided by Royal Bank of Canada and are subject to its standard lending criteria.

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