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Immer wieder wird über eine Abschaffung von 1- und 2-Cent-Münzen diskutiert. Doch die Euro-Länder produzieren die kupferfarbenen Stücke in großem Stil. Immer wieder wird über eine Abschaffung von 1- und 2-Cent-Münzen diskutiert. Doch die Euro-Länder produzieren die kupferfarbenen Stücke in großem Stil.

In Wasser investieren - Nachhaltige Investments

On the one hand, this is down to the enormous increase in population over the last century and on the other hand down to the steadily increasing prosperity of underdeveloped countries and with that the accompanying rising consumption around the world.

More people need logically more water but also more food and even consumer goods, which in turn are produced with the help of water. Above all, people need clean and drinkable water. Therefore, the treatment of wastewater and toxic industrial waters, as it is especially the case in China, is increasingly becoming a key pillar of investments in the water industry.

The United Nations aims to bring the number of people without access to clean drinking water as well as access to proper sanitation to zero by Most likely, this goal will be missed significantly. However, in order to get closer to this endeavor in the long term, private investments in all areas of the water industry are not only necessary but inevitable.

Moreover it is also engaged in the fire prevention. The company operates as a water utility in New Jersey and Delaware. The products of MWP Inc. Mueller Water Products is a leading provider of products and services for water distribution management and the inspection of water infrastructure systems.

MWP has a wide range of patented products under its various brands. In January , the company announced the sale of Anvil International, which manufactures components for piping systems. With the divestment, the company has been fully concentrating on water infrastructure since the beginning of In addition, the company offers products for the detection of leaks, products to assess the condition of water pipelines as well as Advanced Metering Infrastructure products.

US Northwest Pipe Company The company was founded in and manufactures and markets welded steel pipes and piping systems used in the water infrastructure to efficiently transport water from the waterworks to the end consumer. According to its own data, it is the largest producer of steel pipe systems for water distribution in North America. The company offers a wide product range of different and special pipes, diameters and spiral welded pipes.

This allows the pipes to be used for different applications within the water distribution network. Northwest Pipe Company has solely concentrated on the development and production of pipes for the water industry but it is well positioned within this sector. So does the company also offer special pipes for atomic power plants, which need special water pipes for their cooling towers. US Primo Water Corp Primo Water offers highly purified drinking water in bottles as well as self-service refill water and water dispensers for the private use.

It also offers a recycling service for empty plastic bottles in selected supermarkets. The company provides consumers the ability of either exchanging empty bottles and purchasing full bottles or refilling the empty bottles at any participating retailer.

Primo operates in the USA and in Canada and was incorporated in SJW Land Company, the third subsidiary, owns commercial buildings and undeveloped land. San Jose Water Company and SJWTX are both wholly owned subsidiaries with the former one providing water service to round about one million people in the metropolitan San Jose area and the latter one providing water service to a population of approximately 36, people in a service area around Canyon Lake in western Comal County and southern Blanco County.

For example, it sells analytical instruments, water regulators, pump stations, valves, heat exchangers as well as control and filtration technology in more than countries. These acquisitions also include innovative technologies and patents that help Xylem to locate and inspect fragile, dilapidated and defective water infrastructure pipes. Customers of Xylem come from the industry, the agriculture and the building technology.

However, municipalities also play a huge role as buyers of Xylem products. Consequently, this diversity in terms of products and customers gives the company a certain independence and protection from the global economic development. Incorporated in and paying a consecutive dividend since then, the business model of the company is simply to store, purify and distribute water to 48 municipalities within York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania.

Its business operation is regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in the areas of billing, payment procedures, dispute processing, terminations, service territory, and rate setting. Beijing Enterprises Water Group specializes in water service and is primarily engaged within the waste water treatment sector.

The company is part of the conglomerate Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited, also a stock company and controlled by the city government of Beijing. In principle, the core businesses of BEWG include operations in sewage water treatment services, construction services for the water environmental renovation, technical services and sale of machineries for water treatment as well as water distribution services.

In , Beijing Enterprises Water bought the Portuguese drinking water supply and wastewater disposal system from Veolia Environment for 95 million Euros, investing for the first time in the European water market. BEWG is, after market capitalization, the largest company in the water sector in China and has strong ties to government entities resulting in better access to financing support even amid tougher scrutiny around public-private partnerships.

In addition, it researches and develops innovative water technologies and solutions for the environmentally sound absorbance of floods, which can be used mainly in large cities. The company is also active in the mud treatment sector. China Everbright Water Limited mainly operates in China, but with its commitments the companies activities are spread across the country.

The company operates primarily as a water utility but also owns wastewater treatment plants in several cities in China. Consequently, its sewage treatment plants contributes to the steadily rising revenue of China Water Affairs. The company is currently active in more than 40 cities in China. HK China Water Industry China Water Industry is an investment holding company focused primarily on investments in urban water supply and sewage treatment in mainland China.

The company is also investing in water infrastructure and water meters for the Chinese market. It covers the entire value chain of waste water treatment. This includes the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of waste water purification plants. US Guangdong Investment Ltd The company is investing in water projects, infrastructure projects and energy projects through subsidiaries. The main business, however, is the water supply of individual regions.

The company also installs waste water purification systems for industrial and municipal customers. In addition, the company offers control systems for sewage treatment plants. It is engaged in water treatment, water supply, solid waste treatment and other environment-related businesses. As its core business, SIIC is engaged in the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment, reclaimed water treatment and sludge treatment under service concession arrangements with local governments.

The company charges its customers, usually local governments in China, for wastewater and sludge treatment fees, mainly based on the volume and the agreed tariff during the concession period. SIIC also operates water supply plants which supply tap water to end users. US Sound Global SoundGlobal is primarily involved in the development and construction of water and sewage purification plants. The core business of the company is also the commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the plants.

It is also active in the development and manufacturing of individual components, which are subsequently used in water purification plants. Customers include individual Chinese cities as well as industrial companies.

Sound Global operates across China. Through its broad product range, the company is trying to cover the entire value chain of the water cycle. HK Tianjin Capital Environmental Tianjin Capital Environmental is active through several subsidiaries in the sewage treatment sector which again own several sewage purification plants. TCE constructs, builds and then finally operates those plants developed to purify dirty water. The company also operates as a water utility in various Chinese cities and provide people with tap water.

Moreover, the company also operates roads and toll stations. However, the main business of Tianjin Capital Environmental is the recycling process of waste water, still, it owns a well diversified portfolio of business activities. In addition, Pennon Group is also active in the energy supply as well as in the management of waste through its subsidiary Viridor Limited which operates recycling facilities, glass recycling facilities, sewage treatment plant, municipal waste recycling facilities, composting plants and waste-to-energy plants.

Southwest Water Limited has a 15, km long water distribution network, serving approximately 1. The second fully integrated water utility is the subsidiary Bournemouth Water Limited which also operates as a water and wastewater company but it has only a customer base of round about , people in the UK. Thus, the Pennon Group consists of three distinct pillars, the two water utilities South West Water and Bournemouth Water and Viridor, a company for recycling, energy production and waste disposal.

The company manufactures water technic products such as valves and control systems. Moreover, for the industry, the company provides solutions for an efficient water and sewage transfer. The company also develops and produces water filtration systems for commercial as well as private customers.

Pentair is well diversified. The company's products are used in the energy sector, in the agriculture sector in order to achieve efficient and low cost irrigations for farmers, in the industry to optimize the water-use efficiency with the help of high-tech pump systems and within municipalities through waste water treatment and seawater desalination systems.

The big advantage of Pentair is its diversitiy which gives it a certain degree of protection in case of any weakness within in a single certain sector.

Since spinning off its electrical business nVent in May , Pentair has become a pure play water company focusing on smart and sustainable water solutions. It is also deeply rooted in the wastewater treatment sector. The company is divided into two divisions: Severn Trent Water supplies approximately 4. The second division, Severn Trent Services, provides water and wastewater treatment solutions and recycling for private and public customers as well as for utility companies worldwide.

As a result of this acquisition, Severn Trent continued to significantly expand its position as a supraregional water utility company in Great Britain. This makes it one of the largest water suppliers in the UK. United Utilities has a broad infrastructure network consisting of 42, km of water pipes, 76, km of wastewater pipes, wastewater treatment plants and 94 water treatment plants. Hence, the company is strongly rooted in the north-west of England and should be viewed as a pure water provider.

However, United Utilities consequently operates exclusively in a highly regulated market, thus depending on political decisions. Looking at it the other way round, an investment in United Utilities can be seen as a certain protection against inflation as tariff increases water prices are linked to annual price increase rates. The company totally focuses on detecting, finding and remediating water leaks. The Company's segments include royalties from franchisees, corporate-operated stores as well as product and equipment sales for residential, commercial and municipal customers.

Share Germany Gelsenwasser AG Founded in , Gelsenwasser is a regional water utility for residential, industrial and commercial customers, operating in more than 70 cities and towns. It is one of the largest drinking water suppliers in Germany. In addition, the sewage disposal belongs to the business of Gelsenwasser. Thus, the subsidiary AWS GmbH is active in the industrial wastewater treatment for various companies. The main shareholders are the Dortmunder and Bochumer municipal utilities, which took over the majority shares in from E.

However, Gelsenwasser is also heavily involved in the energy supply sector electricity and natural gas. Gelsenwasser is the water provider for currently about 2. Technical solutions and products for drinking and industrial water technologies are at the forefront. Products include membrane filtration systems, drinking water filters and ion exchange processes for water softening. In March , Hydrotec filed for opening of insolvency proceedings. As a globally active supplier of all-in solutions, KSB offers a range of pumps, valves and associated services that cover the entire water cycle: For this purpose, KSB regularly complements its product portfolio by innovative products and supports its customers with expertise in the areas of planning, consultancy and service.

The product range includes water treatment and sewage treatment products. The company also develops and sells chemicals for water treatment. The company claims that it offers technological know-how on water treatment solutions since its foundation in Kurita's operations spread across Asia with a focus on Southeast Asia.

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