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chart of account.xls

Sales funnel chart template.

The chart of accounts often abbreviated to COA, is the foundation of the double entry bookkeeping system. It is basically a listing of all the accounts found in the general ledger that the business will use to code each bookkeeping transaction. Excel Chart Of Accounts Templates Free Downloads - Shareware periodically updates software information and pricing of Excel Chart Of Accounts Templates from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date.


In this page, I have shared our top 20 templates. Please feel free download them and use them as you see fit. Make invoices and quotations for your business from this beautiful and simple template. Save them as PDF to email. Track sales progress thru this interactive and dynamic funnel chart. Use it alone or as part of a report. Keep track of various training programs in your business using this template.

Understand which ones are over-subscribed, which programs are on, how they are rated etc. Plan a conference or one-day event with this template.

Enter event details, durations etc. See when you or your team will be in, when they are away etc. Keep missing invoices or items? Use this tracker to see which items are overdue beyond due date and which items are on time. A dynamic calendar and daily planner for all your needs. Set up events, anniversaries, important dates and view them in beautiful, printable template.

Make a stunning and useful gantt chart to keep track of project activities using this project planning template. If you want more, check out my project management template bundle too link in page. Simple Gantt chart template. Got a big project on hand. Use this clean and powerful layout to see where everything is and keep track of the project. Then use my project portfolio dashboard to see where everything is and how you can improve things or where you should focus your energies.

Working on a project with lots of issues or risks? Use this template to understand the issues, track them and assign them to team members for best results. Create stunning business dashboards using this paid template and wow your clients and bosses.

You can make 16 different layouts from single file. Simple KPI Dashboard template. Create an awesome budget vs. Simple template to keep track of your personal finances and view how many you can save. Stay on top of money with this. Got a lot of gifts to buy and people to please. Use this tracker to stay on top of your holiday gifting budget and see whether you have been a good Santa.

Live points table, bracket view and schedule of matches in your time zone using Excel and Power Query. FIFA World cup tracker. Please sign-up for our free email news letter or add our RSS Feeds to your reading list to receive excel tips, charting ideas every weekday. Hi Harsh , Im working on that sort of excel sheet can you please share with me your version and i can share with you mine.

I would like it if macro function is used in this. I am very grateful and appreciate the template. However, I found that it is locked and I have not found a way to open it for editing. Is there a way that I can unlock it to make edits? I thought of myself in healthcare as pretty ok with Excel, but you are the Master!

I stumbled on you site and have been blown away! Thank you in advance for sharing so much and showing me so many things I did not even know was possible. I have just came across it on youtube and it's exactly what I need. What a wonderful site! I jst wish I could maximize the potential of it all. I knw enough to knw thr is a way to get the result tht I need but not a clue of how to get thr.

In the past I've utilized some amazingly orchestrated sprdshts tht were jst well thought out and produced some sort of end result. The cmpany I'm at now does not use many sprdshts. If thy do, thy are just lists of some sort with no end result.

I'm in HR and I use about 7 diffrnt staffng agencies for open positions we have. I get the ok to open an existing position or details on typing up and posting as a new position. I thn email open job to agency s who are more inclined to particular job. They, in turn, fwd me resumes lots and lots of candidates. We go through quite a few applicants before we find the right one. First, I think it would be best if evry resume recvd was put in spreadsheet, because theres quite a few times i'm having to go back and look through all these resumes that a manager remembers seeing with a certain skill set they are looking for.

So I have stacks and stacks of resumes in my office and Im getting frustrated. Thinking if I input all the pertinent info of applicant, like date applied, which position, agency they came from, whether they interviewed or not, outcome of interview etc. I could then have an applicant database and at the same time get a clearer picture on which agency is sending us the right kind of candidates with skill sets were looking for and which agency is working best.

Like I said I know what I want it to do, but no clue how to get there. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Hi, I have two columns with 16 digit numbers. I want to find which numbers in column 2 matches with the numbers of column 1. What formula should I use for this?

Have a read of: Excel can be Exciting - 15 fun things you can do in MS Excel 3. Hi Chandoo, I am trying to locate one of your posts re how to prepare a market share chart. Can you please help me locate this. You can find the entire discussion related to mkt share displays here: But i need the value should come below the total quandity as follows product Sales qty paste 50 Brush Blade total Qty Value pl kindly guide me. Hi Chandoo, This is first time, I am visiting you blog site and very impressive.

I have been working with excel for last 7 years Anyways, I am currently using Office , and it is good with some features compared to , and I also remember you mentioned about the Classic menu, and I found a link from where you can download to get a classic Menu. Welcome and thanks for the nice words you say. While I enjoy the excel menu structure and familiarity, I am trying very hard and enjoying it equally to learn the ribbon UI and where everything went in Hello Chandoo, I am very pleased and glad about your great work on the net.

In fact I must tell confess I already have one with me that is also Ok but it is limited to number of Subject, and has some feature to be tune to my need I don't know if you can help with it so it will not need building a fresh one from scratch.

I have already mailed you through your Gmail and have also attached the excel template. I will really appreciate this. Thanks and God bless. Checkout the free excel spreadsheets page, we now have almost 30 excel spreadsheet files for download neatly arranged in to areas like [ I dont see any issues while downloading the file.

Can you try again , may be from a different net connection and let us know. Download and use them free. Get even more in our excel downloads page. The ideas are similar to the ones presented in mf portfolio tracker tool.

Often the challenge is to get the information in a tabular format. If yes please mail me its link. So if you are the Excel guru or want to be check out this resource. For a complete list of downloads click here. Thanks for every tips and tricks that are on this site; I have been working in excel for past 3 years and was struggling to make good looking Dashboard which finally I found in here.

It would be nice enough if you could provide more examples on dashboards But I am not really an access expert. But I think you can use VBA to do this But since these dates are static, you can have them in another table or named range and then refer to them in your vlookup.

Do you know any good data source for getting the launch dates? Thanks for your comments and Welcome to PHD. We have quite a good number of dashboard related resources here: Subscribe to the blog and keep watching Am looking for an excel template to store information related to Helpdesk, where information can be stored and can be retrieved at a click of a button when required or asked by any of the customer. A knowledge database kinda stuff but excl based.

I viewed excel-sorting-text-alphabetically-wth-formulas worksheet, and it was very very nice. You are a very clever guy. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much Chandoo. Your website is so impressive. It has really helped me in various projects I have. I wish you all the best and I hope your website becomes a world-wide success. Replicon, a timesheet software provider, has a set of free excel templates for timesheet at http: I thought you may find it useful and list it for visitors who are looking for excel timesheets.

The website and contents are very much useful. I highly appreciate your efforts for the work done. Please keep this going on forever. Your candlestick template helped me visualize a way in which to test and then combine my knowledge of Excel Candlestick formulas, with a testing layout for candlestick efficiency. I talk about that here:.

Is there an easy [cheap] way to hide several rows based on a value. I have a contact list that is 6 rows by 9 cols for each contact. For some contact lists there are 3 contacts and for some there can be I need to hide the rows that are not populated in the report or be able to expand the preformatted rows based on a value that determines the number of contacts.

Atul, You can claculate the number of days in each month using the following formula assuming the date is in cell B2: You can combine the "first day minus one" part of your formula directly in the Date function call like this I am not sure if the VBA based templates work on mac. Rest of them should work just fine.

Let me know if you face any problem. You can use one of these to process the excel data. But if all you need is to read the data, you can as well write a VBA macro that will convert excel to access or mysql table and then read that in PHP.

Whenever the file changes, just re-run your macro. I am looking for a soft copy of 7. Quarter-wise Snapshot of Budget Performance which is a part of "Budget vs. Kindly help me in locating the excel file of this so that I can understand the concept in entirety. These are entries for a contest, I dont have source files. You can try commenting on the post or asking the maker if URL is available. But a better approach would be to make something like that on your own.

It is all awesome really I want to ask one thing only do you have any idea , can we make some longer project to show our business flow by excel vba.

Net and ms access database before 3 years there we have lots of tools to prepare a fantastic application and report ,I made some project for school and hotels. I am going crazy!!! I need to do a comparison between employees and time ranges to see the common time that they were employed.

I would like to see all of the employees and who was employed at certain time periods. I know that I can do this in a table but I really need to be able to do it in Excel so that I can have the charts for display. Do you have any suggestions? You can make a simple scatter plot with lines to show how long each employee has been employed.

It is a good representation if you have less than 25 items. Then for each employee, I would shade all the cells during which he is employed as gray and rest of the cells with no color. Now, when you reduce the row heights, you can fit a few hundred rows in one view and this can give a picture of how long the employees are usually in the company. You can sort the table by joining date or duration of employment for some interesting insights. That said, it all depends on what you want the chart for.

What are the questions you are trying to answer? Is there an easy way to print all the formulas in a worksheet with their cell references on a page? I tried creating a sideways barchart using data in rows and stripping out all the unwanted chart features so that just the bars were left, rather like your cricket scores sheet. It looked great, but then I realised that the bars are in reverse order of the data.

Where did I go wrong? It must be something really easy, but I can't think what it is. I found another way of fixing it - using an array function to reverse the data rows into a different column, then making it the data source, then hiding the reversed data rows under the chart.

You need not reverse the values using array formulas. Just go to axis settings, select the option "Reverse categories" to have the values in reverse order in your bar chart. Chandoo, Many thanks for your advice on my "sideways" chart. Your site has become my primary source for ideas and techniques. Keep up the good work! Hi Chandoo, Got your reference from my brother and your friend Shamim. First of all, i am glad to see this website and the content , help and support available.

I always had some "Kida" of excel and i am always keen to learn as much as possible. I have one question for you, do you have any template to make a Fish-bone diagram on Excel, i feel it is possible and i was able to create one automated version of Fish-bone on excel but could not get the formatting right.

I work with so many deadlines and i am wondering if there is a Macro or something can remind me at a specific given time, so I can enter the times n the name of the deadline and have it reminded well ahead. Only one entry in inward register i will do with ledger folio number. Then automatically the value should get posted in ledger. I am the first timer on your blog. Found a quite a lot of useful info.

I have started using the MF tracker. I want to explore and see if we can add additional capabilities,like consolidation of multiple purchases in same fund, annualized returns apart from absolute returns.

Just wondering if we can check a string if it contains a certain set of characters with and without macros e. I heard that excel can be used as a database to track competitors and the competitive history archive. Is this true and were can I find guidelines to doing this. Hope that you are well.

I was just wondering if you managed to obtain the database template, if yes,would you mind sharin it? I have a dout in Excel sheet. I am looking for India stock chart quote sheet, which gets updated from google finance. It will be great help. Would appreciate if you could please let me know if you have one However, I do not yet have any inventory tracking templates. I would be glad to build one for you on consulting basis. Let me know if you would like to hire me.

I feel proud to join in your blog. I've been using spreadsheet for more than 25 years To quench my everlasting lotto thirst, I've developed some sort of dashbard which will help turning an ordinary lotto buyer into smart lotto player! Now, I want it to distribute among various lotto users and I thought it here at chandoo.

I'll be delighted to have your word in affirmative to post the file, With regards. While I would love to know how excel is used for understanding lotto better, I would not be willing to feature your link on any gambling related material. I am sorry, but I hope you understand why I am saying this.

My spreadsheet will only demonstrate how the excel functions better be used even to predict a game's result with the highest odds! In that I used the just refresh key "F9" to do the wonder!

I understood your sentiments and the value of your blog! I found this via a Google search looking for the formula to reverse the order of rows where I have data. I would like the last value to become the 1st value for chart platting purposes. Google re-directed me here and yet I couldnt find it anywhere on your site but I certainly saw a lot of other awsome stuff that I will be downloading.

I have a problem with my Excel it dose not open, when i click on the icon it drops in the lower toolbar when i right click on it and click maximize it opens just 1 second and gose back to toolbar some one told me to remove the office from my laptop and re instule it again, i did that and still i have the same problem. EXE if there is select them and click the End Process button, remove them all. Try and restart Excel in Safe Mode, this is a mode that doesn't load any addin's There is a great article on this and lots of other ideas that may help at: Dear Chandoo, i see your Birthday Reminder Template , it's very good.

Hi Chandoo, I am also trying this scenario: Please help me with this or send an email to me regarding this. Hi chandoo, i like you to help me out By giving me some examples of real life problems that is solved by excel. Kindly mail it to my email Toyese This question is like "How many grains of sand are on a beach? Use the Search function at the top of the page and look for words that fit your interest.

I will be starting a series of posts shortly on Chandoo. Each will include worked examples, keep an eye out for those. Hi Chandoo, I need to run Excel education to my stuff, do you have a basic Excel prz. Thank you so much for this website. Hello, I am using excel for the last 10 years. I do not know the ways to bring the numeric values to alpha - words. Pl tell me options and formulae to bring out a result in alpha. I request to share Excel and VBA white papers documents for reference if you have any.

I am a project manager and was wondering if like a gantt chart u can develop one for C PM or critical path method for a project using PERT project evaluation and review technique and do something creative. It would need to take into account all the constraints and interdependencies of all the tasks. This would be really useful for project managers. I'm first time visitor to your site a link provided to me by my friend Dev Kumar Vasudevan. I found the site very interesting and educative.

Everybody fancies himself as Excel expert. I wonder if you come out with similar type efforts for other tools like Asp. Good morning sir, today is very good day that just i read your article in today telugu paper.

I also very much intrested in excel. I am very much intrested to join in Excel online school. God shown a good route to drive my life in excel. My guru is also a master in Excel and other programming languages. He belongs to Kakinada but he is staying at Hyderabad. He is giving guidance to so many voluntary organisations to reach their targets.

Thankyou sir once again. Hey Chandoo, This Website give me a lot of help! This website I have seen in Eenaadu, Initially when I read in News paper it made me interesting later when I have visited your site. Really made me enthusiastic to learn. I am eager to learn code language in excel. I can you mail me some formats of Payroll Management. I just want to tell you that your website is great..

I learned everything I know in Excel through here.. Hi, Really great, visiting your website I learnt lot of stuff in excel and implemented in my business. I have around emails ids in one cell in excel , how can i sort the same in different rows and columns. Shailesh Use Data, Text to Columns and use a space or ; seperator to break the emails to seperate columns Now do a Copy, Paste Special transpose to get them to a Column. Here is an example where an 'add-on' is as valuable as the programme.

It was great experience. I liked it so much. Your ideas helped me to ease my work. Chandoo also runs an Excel School which you can read about here: Yours is a great site for Excel learners. I normally used to frequent the Google Groups especially for programming and worksheet functions, but the content in your site is mind boggling and very helpful. The source data OHLC may be web queried or pasted. Hello I am working on an excel formula that I copied it from a file but I done know how it was done.

The formula is below. The case where I am the formula is: I have many names under column A, and next to them under column B, I have their duration taken in doing certain action. I put the names without duplication under column name and made the formula average if under Avg.

As there is no formula like Minif and Maxif I had to make above mentioned one to get minimum if for each person from column A , but faced with the issues above. Nita You can download Excel from the Microsoft web site here: Depending on the month, i use the vlookup to retrieve a different number.

Any ideas what im doing wrong? Thanks a lot Christian. Christian I assume your formula is looking up the contents of B5 and the number of columns between Column H and I,J,K etc then appending them together as the lookup value.

What value is in B5? Is the value in B5 and 1 ie Cat1 if B5 has Cat, in the first column of your data table?

Do you have anything on this for download? Hi, please can you help me i am looking for a awesome excell document to manage aspects of recruitment from recieving the vacancy to sourcing a potential candidate to eventually placing the individual. I haven't seen any thing special in you side.

I have seen lots of webside better than you and provide knowledge free of coast with easy step then you. I thing, if you want to share free of cost knowledge, provide it free of cost and esay steps.

I am saying you becose i am better than you. If you need any help mail me. I'll provide you free of cost with template example. I generally do not reply to negative comments. I do not think it is right to focus my energies there.

But you made 4 such comments with lots of negative energy. I wonder why you are so hurt..? Why is it bad to make money while teaching. Why is it bad to teach online? Who said we have to learn only from a book and help menu?

I am not ashamed of what I am doing for a living. I am really proud instead. So what is the problem for you? You are not right here Mr. If you don't like blog of chandoo,leave it! Why your dad paid to school? It seems you are jealous of chandoo. I am big fan of him--He is awesome. Thats rude Harish, i can honestly say that if it was not for Chandoo's site i would not have passed my Six Sigma Black Belt examination, do something fun, like jump of a bridge or something.

Chandoo you rock, keep excelling. Harish If Excel is so easy to learn and you are so good, Why do you come here with these comments, why not just stay away, or better still Why not contribute your experience, you will feel better by helping others! We are looking for a manpower loading chart that will mirror the electrical industry standard.

Basiclly would invole 2 inputs. Project duration in weeks. Do you have a template sililiar to this? Many thanks for your web page. I've found it really useful. I've done a small Gantt template for Excel. Please, feel free to use it at your convenience. You'll find it at http: Could I add your website in my blog? Please give me permission. Hi i would like to know how can i do below case: In this once the timer gets, I have named the cell where I have kept this formula as TimeToGo.

OnTime NextTime, "Update", schedule: Now I need is a Message Box Popup, where once the timer in the cell gets I am trying to learn excel with Visual basic , just tell me which site to visit and get some templates example of some works.

I downloaded it but it did not work! I need a spreadsheet for material planning and inventory control. Ours is a very big company and there is a huge list of materials and products. Would you help me with any template so that i can extend it to my need.

Hello I have a drop down list that i made which is too long. Issue is that when i start typing in a cell that has this validation, excel doesnt automatically continue supplier name.

How to create real time charts in excel Lets take an eg. Hi Chandoo, I'm new to this website. I've been trying to create some option buttons in my excel spread sheet that does two things.

I was advised that the two things I needed required macros that are not referenced to each other so that is this button I need to click when I write the macro then there is no reference link. But try as I might, when I create the option buttons, they are all linked to each other. The first set of two buttons will become unchecked when I check the second set of option buttons.

Besides, I have a problem after I save the file because when I open it a message appears that the macro cannot be found. Do you have a template excel sheet with option buttons that control more than one formula? Isma Put a Group Box Form Control around the option buttons you want to group and leave out the others.

Thanks for the advice, very quick. Regularly visit your site to explore finer aspects of excel. Just needed to consult on one aspect related to ActiveX based advanced Charting and Instrumentation tools. What are the ways of embedding an activeX based instrumentation control in excel while maintaining a condition that the end user does not require any special installation on his system be it activeX component or I do want to avoid even self registration of activeX.

These are all ActiveX controls for making Guages, Knobs, LED,s and so many various things which enhance the visual appeal of excel based reports or rather say Dashboards. I was going through Perpetuumsoft and IOCOMP's activeX instrumentation controls and just thought can those be embedded in excel and still end user does not require any self registering activeX on his sytem.

Everything must be embedded in excel itself. I have a Workbook in which I have to run a report on a daily basis and send it to my manager and cc it to my team leaders via Lotus Notes. I need to put the email Id in to and cc field of the email 2. I want to put the subject line as "Comparison Report dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm" 3. I want to put the body of the email as "Please see the comparison report below. I want to attach the file automatically to the email and lastly 5. To send the email automatically.

I tried so many macros, but some or the other things get missed. Sometimes I get the attachment in my email, but not the body and the email id in cc field, sometimes I get the body of the email without the email Id in cc field and the attachment.

As my file is based on current time "Comparison Report dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm. Simply Accounts also provides Abacus Accounts is a double-entry bookkeeping application, suitable for any business or company accounts.

The latest version supports accounts for up to four separate businesses. Various types of accounts can be set up, to suit your business.

It provides the following functionality: It's ideal for clients who have computers with email access, but don't wish to spend much time on their own accounts. How does BankLink Notes work? DNS Enabler provides the interface to allow users to specify name-to-address mappings, as well as their aliases. Here are some of the many features of the program: Each Easy Work Order can have up to 8 accounts to bill and 3 options for each of of those 8 accounts.

Standard General Ledger 6. QuickBooks Recovery Tool 3. Concise themes are named after its style. You can find simple color and graph in the picture. They give people brief and easeful beauty. Using them in your 3D Page Flip Book will simplify your flipbook Responsible for establishing and maintaining a technically sound management accounting system, preparing a critical analysis of expenditures, revenues, borrowings and the deficit for the Finance Minister every Consists of an international group of experts who work on the development of a range of publicly-available bathymetric data sets and seafloor topography products.

View data and products and learn of the available training Interactive masses and reaction data for all nuclides across the periodic table. Analysis of mind control with significance for survivors of domestic Brief history in chart form of over 20 reformers from Arminius through Excel Chart Of Accounts Templates Free Downloads - Shareware periodically updates software information and pricing of Excel Chart Of Accounts Templates from the publisher, so some information may be slightly out-of-date.

You should confirm all information before relying on it. Software piracy is theft, Using Excel Chart Of Accounts Templates crack, password, registration codes, key generators, serial numbers is illegal. M8 Free Multi Clipboard NET for Winforms 1. Just Write Checks 2. Jan 5, Author: American Precision Instruments Size: Jan 3, Author: Business - Project Management. Jun 6, Author: Aug 1, Author: Quick Templates for Outlook 2.

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While I enjoy the excel menu structure and familiarity, I am trying very hard and enjoying it equally to learn the ribbon UI and where everything went in

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