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Schlagwörter: Ernährungssicherheit, Indexinvestitionen, Rohstoffe, Afrika. GIGA Focus Global 5/ - 2 - Die Weltmarktpreise für Getreide erreichen seit einigen Jahren immer neue Höhen, mit Preisspit- zen und Brotpreisunruhen zogen sich von Haiti bis Pakistan und gaben im Früh-ling in einigen arabischen Ländern den Auf-takt zu politischen Protesten und Revolutionen. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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Enter the time range. There is a one month embargo on the data, the previous 30 days are not available. Choose the company tab and enter selected criteria from there e. Target Nation - Search for Canada. Make your selection, then close search items. Assign the report title, click on execute, then save. Enter your criteria, and included in the results tabs will be a tab for the league table.

If you type LEAG and press GO, you will be directed to the underwriter rankings for equity, debt, or syndicated loans. You can export results in Excel or Word. I want to find market research, but all of the market research databases listed don't have information on my industry.

Will the library buy a market research report that I've found online? If not, what can I do? They tend to be very expensive and we can not afford to accommodate these requests. Also check demographic and statistical data from government sources. Checking competitors reports can also provide market data.

I want to run a screening with a list of companies in Capital IQ, but in the screening function, I can't figure out how to add companies by name. There are several options, and which one you use depends on what you're looking to get out of it. If you're looking for potential employers in Canada, LexisNexis is a good start instructions here You can narrow your search down by location - keep in mind that searching Toronto will not necessarily show results for the GTA.

If you're looking to screen for comparables, try Capital IQ or Mergent. You can add in financial criteria, etc, to narrow down your search. Rotman School of Management St. Contact Us Website feedback Accessibility Feeling distressed? How can I run a screening for a list of companies in a specific industry? Where can I find annual reports? What about historical annual reports? All databases in this list have been licensed to the University of Toronto for student and faculty use.

As part of the University of Toronto community, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are using these resources for non-commercial educational or research purposes only, and that you do not violate copyright law. If you do not see a database you are looking for, i.

They have a significant number of finance databases. Looking for citation help for these resources? Check out our APA citation guide here. ProQuest Includes full text or abstracts from more than journals covering accounting subjects. Investext-Mergent Analyst reports for companies and industries from more than investment banks, brokerage houses and consulting firms worldwide.

Locate recent reports quickly by:. Advertising expenditures for the past five years. Includes information by product, brand, industry, advertisers, companies and subsidiaries. Passport GMID International coverage of more than 20 industries, with focus on consumer products and services. Mapping tool that generates business lists and includes demographic data. Does not include brand specific data, but includes e-commerce information by industry or occasionally product type.

Business Source Premier Includes country specific career guides. Also includes most top academic journals in business, as well as industry and company reports with SWOT analysis. Vault Career Insider Career guides and job descriptions, resume and interview preparation tips, etc.

Free registration is required. Includes most top academic journals in business, and full text for more than 2, journals, dating back to Also includes MarketLine reports. Find startups and private companies within a particular sector or industry, or search by investor.

You must create an account with your Rotman or U of T e-mail address. Investext-Mergent Provides forecasts and analysis based upon research reports from over firms, and covering more than 30, companies worldwide. Mergent Financials for more than 25, companies with historical numbers back 20 years in some cases. ProQuest With more than 11, titles, ProQuest is an interdisciplinary journal and newspaper database that is international in scope.

Business Source Premier Country profiles, reports, studies, career guides, background notes, forecasts and more.

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