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06 Inventory And Warehouse Management

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Carter Company issues shares of restricted stock to Berta Miller, who has worked for the company for 5 years. The stock grant requires that Berta remain with the company another 4 years. Compensation expense relating to the value of this restricted stock should be recognized. Restricted stock units (RSUs) Are not performance based. Stock Appreciation Rights. Get paid the intrinsic value upon exercise (liability bc cash payment) Stock Grants. Don't have an exercise price. They have value as long as the St > 0. Qualified options. Encourage executives to hold onto shares since the exercise is tax-free. Reload options. Allow the executive to pay the exercise price with.

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The amount that must be declared is determined by subtracting the original purchase or exercise price of the stock which may be zero from the fair market value of the stock as of the date that the stock becomes fully vested. The difference must be reported by the shareholder as ordinary income.

However, if the shareholder does not sell the stock at vesting and sells it at a later time, any difference between the sale price and the fair market value on the date of vesting is reported as a capital gain or loss.

Section 83 b Election Shareholders of restricted stock are allowed to report the fair market value of their shares as ordinary income on the date that they are granted, instead of when they become vested, if they so desire. This election can greatly reduce the amount of taxes that are paid upon the plan, because the stock price at the time of grant is often much lower than at the time of vesting.

Therefore, capital gains treatment begins at the time of grant and not at vesting. This type of election can be especially useful when longer periods of time exist between when shares are granted and when they vest five years or more.

Unfortunately, there is a substantial risk of forfeiture associated with the Section 83 b election that goes above and beyond the standard forfeiture risks inherent in all restricted stock plans. He will not be able to recover the taxes he paid as a result of his election. Some plans also require the employee to pay for at least a portion of the stock at the grant date, and this amount can be reported as a capital loss under these circumstances.

Because there is no actual stock issued at grant, no Section 83 b election is permitted. This means that there is only one date in the life of the plan on which the value of the stock can be declared. The amount reported will equal the fair market value of the stock on the date of vesting, which is also the date of delivery in this case. Therefore, the value of the stock is reported as ordinary income in the year the stock becomes vested. The Bottom Line There are many different kinds of restricted stock, and the tax and forfeiture rules associated with them can be very complex.

This article only covers the highlights of this subject and should not be construed as tax advice. For more information, consult your financial advisor. Search Now you can search stock related news and private companies such as Airbnb. No matching results for ''. Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. Give feedback on the new search experience.

Investopedia January 30, They each receive restricted stock grants of 10, shares for zero dollars. John decides to declare the stock at vesting while Frank elects for Section 83 b treatment.

Therefore, Frank pays a lower rate on the majority of his stock proceeds, while John must pay the highest rate possible on the entire amount of gain realized during the vesting period. Recently Viewed Your list is empty. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. Go to My Dashboard. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.

Goods movements in SAP ERP are distinguished between goods receipts, goods issues, stock transfers and transfer posting. Which of the following statements are true regarding transfer postings and stock transfers? Stock transfers can take place within a plant or between two different plants. Transfer postings are used to changes stock identification or qualification of a material. Stock transfers are used to changes stock identification or qualification of a material. Transfer postings are always associated with a physical movement of a material.

A transfer posting usually refers to a change in a material's stock type. In a transfer posting, the material can remain in its original storage bin or be transferred, thus, do not need to be moved.

Which of the following statements are true regarding a material-to-material transfer posting? A Material to Material transfer posting is always carried out in a one-step procedure. A Stock Transfer posting is the physical movement of inventory. They can occur at three different levels. Stock Transer from storage location to storage location within the same plant.

Which of the following statements are true regarding this posting? Creates two material document, containing two material document items per material transferred. Creates one material document, containing two material document items per material transferred.

Valuation in terms of accounting is not carried out, since the company code does not change. A Stock Transfer posting can be posted from Plant-to-Plant in a one-step procedure. A Plant-to-Plant Stock Transfer In case of cross-company code Stock Transfer one accounting document is created.

Which of the following organizational levels is the central organizational level of Logistics execution application only? A Warehouse number in Logistics Execution is divided in several subareas.

Which of the following are subareas of a warehouse number? The physical inventory process consists of three phases. During the physical inventory count you can block goods movements or freeze book inventory.

What are the effects of setting these indicators? You set the blocking indicator in the storage location view of the material master. When blocking goods movements, you can post goods issues but no goods receipts. The freeze book inventory indicator is set in the physical inventory document. During the physical inventory count you have encountered a difference between the stock quantity and the book quantity. Which of the following statements are true regarding the posting of inventory differences?

Posting the inventory differences can only be carried out by using the list of differences. Which of the following statements is valid for stock transfer? A stock transfer can be used to transfer materials between storage locations.

When a goods receipt posting to a storage location is carried out that is subject to warehouse management, which of the following documents are created in the Logistics Execution Sysetm?

Executives that receive stock options face a special set of rules that restrict the circumstances under which they may exercise and sell them.

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Restricted stock also generally becomes available to the recipient under a graded vesting schedule that lasts for several years.

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