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On 16 January , he was forced to go to the bar accompanied by undercover policemen, where his colleague was captured and, when they were preparing to leave, 23 year-old Rousseff unexpectedly arrived.

Realizing that something was wrong, Rousseff tried to leave the place without being noticed. The officers suspected Rousseff and searched her, discovering that she was armed.

Rousseff was taken to the OBAN headquarters, the same place where Vladimir Herzog would be tortured and killed five years later. She was allegedly tortured for 22 days by punching, ferule , and electric shock devices. After Rousseff was captured, he had an affair with actress and fellow militant Bete Mendes. After his arrest, he met Rousseff on some occasions, during displacements regarding the military lawsuits both were being prosecuted for.

She had already served three years when the Supreme Military Court reduced her sentence to two years and a month. She also had her political rights suspended for eighteen years. She also seeks damages from the federal government. The total compensation figure paid to victims of political persecution may be up to 72, reais.

However, as her advisors have declared, the indemnification has a symbolic value to her, and Rousseff demanded the requests be tried only after her departure from public office. On 5 April , Folha de S. Paulo published, on its front page, an alleged criminal record of Rousseff containing notes about various crimes allegedly committed by her.

The document would have been part of the file of the Department of Political and Social Order Portuguese: Rousseff questioned the veracity of the file, claiming that it was a forged document, which led the newspaper to declare that it had not obtained the document from DOPS' file, but rather via e-mail and, thus, could not guarantee its veracity.

Rousseff left jail at the end of She was ten kilograms 22 pounds thinner and had acquired a thyroid disease. Rousseff frequently visited her partner, bringing him newspapers and political books disguised as novels. Punished for subversion in accordance with the decree number , considered the AI-5 of universities, Rousseff was expelled from the Minas Gerais Federal University and barred from resuming her studies at that university in She was admitted to the university and graduated in , this time not participating actively in the students' movement there.

After graduation, she got her first paid job after serving her prison sentence as an intern at the Foundation of Economics and Statistics Portuguese: Her political activism, this time within the law, resumed at the Institute of Social and Political Studies Portuguese: Even though she was not affiliated with the party, Rousseff organized debates at the institute, which received lectures from scholars such as Francisco de Oliveira, Fernando Henrique Cardoso , and Francisco Weffort.

Although he was elected, Peres' term was revoked for denouncing the regime's torture in a speech. Paulo as one of the 97 "subversives" infiltrated in the public administration. The list was made by resigned Army Minister, Silvio Frota, who had summarized the political background of those he listed. In , Rousseff attended the Campinas State University , with the intention of receiving a master's degree in Economics.

Meeting once every three months, the group lasted a couple of years. They would read the works of Karl Marx , Nicos Poulantzas , and Louis Althusser , discussing what would be the right moment to resume their political activity. Rousseff declared that she "attended the master's degree program," but did not finish it, failing to present her thesis. And then I became minister and did not finish the doctorate", she said. Her academic credentials have been the subject of controversy as her official biography listed these master's and doctoral degrees that she had never earned.

She was, however, twice enrolled in the graduate program in economics at the State University of Campinas , without ever fulfilling the requirements for those degrees.

She legally divorced Galeno in According to Rousseff, she enjoys history and is interested in opera. In the early s, she enrolled in a course in Greek theater taught by playwright Ivo Bender. Greek mythology then became an obsession for her, and, influenced by Penelope , she decided to learn how to embroider. Her favorite actress is Fernanda Montenegro. She understands English very well when spoken slowly and can speak Spanish and limited amounts of French.

Paula is a law graduate and holds the office of Labor Prosecutor in Porto Alegre. On 9 September , Paula Rousseff gave birth to Rousseff's first grandchild , a boy named Gabriel Rousseff Covolo, in the city of Porto Alegre, during the presidential campaign of her mother.

After the last debate with four other candidates, on 30 September , in the city of Rio de Janeiro, which was aired on national TV, Rousseff flew to Porto Alegre for the christening of Gabriel in the Roman Catholic Cathedral on 1 October At a press conference on 25 April , Rousseff revealed that she was undergoing treatment to remove an early-stage axillar lymphoma , a cancer in the lymphatic system , which was detected in her left armpit during a routine mammogram.

She had curative chemotherapy treatment for four months. The diagnosis was a myopathy , a muscle inflammation resulting from the cancer treatment. In early September that same year, she revealed she had completed her radiotherapy treatment, claiming to be cured, which was later confirmed by her doctors. She began to wear a wig due to hair loss caused by the chemotherapy.

After seven months of wearing a wig, Rousseff wore her natural dark brown hair at the launch of the 3rd Human Rights Program on 21 December She had announced in November that she would be retiring her wig as soon as her hair became more even. She said it was still "full of holes", which was why she "couldn't take [the wig] off there in Copenhagen , Denmark".

She first publicly admitted to wearing a wig in May of that year, when she jokingly referred to it as a "basic little wig". Although Rousseff states that her political thinking has changed drastically — from Marxism to pragmatic capitalism — she remains proud of her radical roots.

Rousseff's views are mostly pro-life , supporting abortion only for pregnancies which endanger the life of the mother or are the result of rape, cases in which the current Brazilian legislation allows women to terminate their pregnancies.

When asked about the criminal prosecution against Flamengo goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza , accused of killing his former girlfriend Eliza Samudio, Rousseff said that she opposes the death penalty.

Rousseff opposes gay marriage , but supports same-sex civil unions. I, as an individual, would never say what a religion should or should not do. We have to respect them. As a member of the Workers' Party , a social-democratic party which opposes Third Way politics , Rousseff was expected to be against privatization and neoliberalism.

The Nation , as an example of this rationale, described Rousseff's victory as a defeat for the Washington Consensus. She is, for instance, "in favor of granting to private enterprises the construction of new power plants and roads, should it be cheaper to do them through grants than through public works.

She also pledged to deepen the social welfare network inaugurated by the Lula administration, saying that, under her rule, "Brazil will continue to grow, with social inclusion and mobility. In , during the presidential elections, the President Dilma Rousseff supported the criminalization of homophobia , citing the "high rate" of acts of violence against homosexuals in the country.

Much of his campaign platform and government plan was prepared at their home. After elected, Collares appointed Rousseff as the municipal Secretary of Treasury; this was her first job in the executive branch. Pinto's running mate was Nelson Marchezan, one of the most prominent civilians during the Brazilian military government.

Twenty years later, in an interview, Rousseff attempted to justify the controversial alliance: The Marchezan wing was the wing of the radicalized small rural owners. And he was an ethical guy. She would have said that she could "not control these crazy people" and that she was leaving "before it taints my biography.

In , however, Rousseff was appointed director-general of the City Council, but was dismissed by councilman Valdir Fraga, president of the local legislature, after arriving late for work. As Fraga later said, "I dismissed her because she had a problem with the time clock. They later reconciled and remained together until , when Rousseff moved alone to a rented apartment.

In , after the end of Collares' term, Rousseff departed from her political office and returned to the FEE, where she was the editor of the magazine Economic Indicators Portuguese: It was during this break from public offices that she officially enrolled in the Campinas State University PhD program, in As he later recalled, "I already knew and respected her.

I also appointed her because she was in a more left-leaning stance inside the PDT, less populist. During the first year of the Dutra administration, the PDT had gained some high-ranking offices, but Brizola felt that his party had very little space in the government, responsible for a tiny portion of the budget. Unable to get more space inside the administration, PDT members of the government were pressured by the party leadership to step down.

The formation of the political alliance for the Porto Alegre mayoral election was also a cause of friction among the two parties. Rousseff defended the maintenance of the alliance which had elected Dutra, supporting Genro's candidacy, and claiming she would not accept " neoliberal alliances with the right-wing".

Her critics said that she was being hypocritical, once she defended an alliance with Marchezan in the election. Brizola accused them of being traitors. There was a voluntary energy saving, and Rousseff tried to obtain compensation from the federal government, as it was granted to other regions.

The federal government did not grant it, and Rousseff had to compromise with the private sector. According to Pedro Parente, Chief of Staff during the Cardoso administration, "she was pragmatic, objective and showed that she had a fluid dialogue with the business sector. Another highlighted member of the group was Ildo Sauer. Both of them were completely opposed to the privatization of the sector, which was, in their opinion, responsible for the energy problems that the country was facing.

Pinguelli invited Rousseff to join the group meetings in June , where she arrived as a shy participant in a team formed by several professors, but soon stood out with her objectivity and good knowledge of the area.

However, it was clear for everyone in the group that Pinguelli would become the Minister of Energy if Lula won the election. It was a great surprise for everyone that, after elected, Lula chose Rousseff as the incumbent Minister. The President elect declared: We started debating and I realized she had a differential characteristic from the others who were there, because she came in with the practicality of the assignment of running the Secretary of Energy of Rio Grande do Sul.

Then I was like: I think I found my Minister here. Dutra said he was consulted by Lula, and praised Rousseff's technical merits while Secretary of Energy during his administration. Her management of the Ministry was marked by the respect of contracts made by the previous administration, by her efforts to prevent further blackouts and by the implementation of an electric model less concentrated in the hands of the state, differently from what Rosa and Sauer desired.

Regarding the free market of energy, Rousseff not only kept it as she expanded it as well. He criticized, however, the delay in the implementation of the new model, but said that this is the fault of the bureaucratic government machinery.

Convinced that urgent investments in power generation were required so that the country would not face a general blackout in , Rousseff entered in a serious clash with then Minister of Environment, Marina Silva , which defended the embargo on several construction sites, concerned with the ecological imbalance that they could cause.

Dirceu had to create a team of mediators between the two ministers in order to try to resolve their disputes. He was ironic about Rousseff's alleged mood swings, being quoted as saying that "this lady formats her disk every week. Mauricio Tolmasquim, a member of the transition government which shared a vision of the energy sector similar to Rousseff's, was invited by her to be the executive secretary of the ministry.

He stated that once they got to know each other better, Rousseff started shouting with him occasionally. And in five minutes everything is okay," he said. Sauer, who took over the gas and energy department of Petrobras , also clashed with the minister, who repulsed his ideas of a statist model.

Sometimes the clashes between them were so serious that Lula's intervention was necessary. Sauer left the state oil company in Another one which had disagreements with the minister on energy issues was the former Congressman Luciano Zica. After becoming a Minister, Rousseff defended a new industrial policy from the government, ensuring that Petrobras' platforms had a minimum domestic content, what could generate 30 thousand new jobs in the country.

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